LOCATION;     36 Main Street, Hahndorf

SHR 10506 – confirmed as a State Heritage Place 24 July 1980

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This stone cottage was for many years the mortuary of Hahndorf’s undertaker, Carl Rodert, and was one of the first stone buildings in Hahndorf.  It was reputedly built in 1847, the date is carved on the lintel over the front door.  It is one of only two remaining commercial premises built in stone, with a typical German half-hipped roof.  Its original shingles are retained under the iron roof, and the original loft and cellar also remain.

A century later from 1949 to 1953, Stefan Heysen, son of artist Sir Hans Heysen, turned it into a public gallery, which was carried on from 1955 by Walter Wotzke.  When he moved to the old Lutheran School, it became a delicatessan for a period. It has since been restored as a shop and gallery.

Early Ownership 

Information from The Hahndorf Allotments Database compiled by Reg Butler.

Old Lot No. New Lot No. Street No. Street Name
House 38 N.H. 98 36 Main Street
Year Sold New Owner Occupation Owner's Home Personal
1839 Christian Bartel # thresher-gardener Hahndorf From Möstchen, Brandenburg.
1853 Christian Bartel farmer Hahndorf GRO title
1855 Carl Herberger farmer Hahndorf  
1855 Valentin Hellwig miner & farmer Hahndorf  
1861 Wilhelm Paech farmer Hahndorf  
1861 Johann Willemer % farmer Hahndorf LTO title 1861.
1892 Ida Rodert wife of Julius Rodert labourer Hahndorf Nee Willemer.
1921 Wilhelm Minkwitz agent Hahndorf Executor. I Rodert died 1921.

Hermann Rodert

Bertha Rodert





Son of I Rodert.

Daughter of I Rodert.

1940 Gilbert James carpenter Kent Town  
1948 Stefan Heysen * picture dealer Hahndorf  

Colin Langbein

Betty, his wife


home duties




Nee Kuchel.


  • # C Bartel shifted to Salem, near Callington, to farm. 
  • %  J Willemer was also a cabinetmaker & undertaker in partnership with his son-in-law, Julius Rodert.  The workshop still stands on No 36 Main St; the family home at No 32 Main St.
  • * Son of artist Sir Hans Heysen.
  • Ownership details are complete to the first Metric title 4115/984.  Sub-division took place after this date.
    • Sub-lot 1:  34 Main Street
    • Sub-lot 2:  36 Main Street
    • Sub-lot 3:  3 Thiele Grove