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Glenn LIEBELT Photographic Collection & Other Archival Material 




Johann Christoph LIEBELT & Anna Dorothea WOLF 



52 photographs in an old 'book photo album' found in an attic, more than 90 individuals in the photos, many of whom have now been identified.


The family names that are mentioned in this article:


Glenn is living in the Blakiston home originally built by Johann Christoph and is his great, great, great, grandson.

Glenn's great, great uncle Johann Benjamin PAECH 1884-1973, one of the photos from below, coloured and enhanced by Elizabeth BARNES.

Glenn LIEBELT is the author's 5th cousin

Liebelt Family History 1975 by Fairalie LIEBELT & Alan WITTWER    

For the entire book click here: Liebelt Family History

                                                                 3rd son                                                                                                                                     3rd son's 4th child

                                        Johann Christoph LIEBELT & A.E. WOLF                                                                              Gottlieb LIEBELT & A.S.L MEYE

    3rd son's 4th child, 2nd child

   Eduard LIEBELT & A.D. PAECH

Page 116 Page 117 Page 152 Page 153 Page 156
    Glenn's great, great great grandparents     Glenn's great, great grandparents Glenn's great grandparents, Glenn is on this page.


Aim of this article

Share photographs from this unique album

Identify the individuals photographed

Provide a summary of the individuals and their relationship to the STEINBORN/LIEBELT family

Identify the photographers and the possible dates their studios operated 


Table of Content

1.    Introduction

2.    Provenance of Photo Album

3.    52 photographs seen as you would page through the book

4.    Identifying the individuals: Elizabeth Barnes & author.

5.    Brief family histories of identified individuals

6.    Identifying the photographic studios.


1.    Introduction

Glen LIEBELT is the author's 5th cousin.


  • This photo album  is covered with thick green and gold velvet material and brass cornered ornaments that also surround the oval mirror.  Inside the cover are 18 stiff and thick maroon coloured pages capable of holding photographs on each side of the page.  

There are 52 photographs taken by 13 different photographers with 7 photos being from an unknown photographer.  

There are two photos of large groups of people, and 92 other individuals in total.  

Of the 92 photos 3 are of the same person twice and one photo is in the album twice. 

45 individuals in 19 of the photos have been identified.

Some of the photos are back to back in the album, some pages are empty or have had the photographs removed long ago.  

A working and fragile brass locking device is on the edge of the back cover. 

All colour & enhancements of photographs has been provided by Elizabeth BARNES, genealogist and historian, with permission of the Liebelt Family Reunion Committee.  Permission must be sought for duplication of all enhanced photographs. Contact Elizabeth on [email protected]


2.    Provenance


Glenn LIEBELT discovered this photo book in the roof space of his great, great, great grandfathers home in 1992/3.

Glenn said it was lying on the ceiling, under hefty redgum roof trusses [with  cross cut saw marks and some roman numerals chiselled into the timbers] and it was in a box and covered by paper.

 When Glenn showed it to me he had wanted it to be returned to 'the family' who it belonged to.

 Wanting to try and identify the individuals was the reason we started the 'Liebelt Family History' facebook page, where we got some positive results.  

I think as we all contribute to identifying the individuals below we will find that 'the family' was always actually Glenn's  family which began with the STEINBORN/LIEBELT relationship.

The interesting provenance of this photo album became more intriguing when I heard from Glenn that this was not the only thing that he found in this box!


Glenn's home, LIEBELT Farm, Prussian farmhouse, Blakiston. This album was found in the attic of this half hipped roof.


3.     52 Photographs as seen on paging through the album

1 and 2

3 and 4
5 and 6
7  and 8

9 and 10




11 and 12
  13 and 14 15 16



18  19 and 20

 21 and 22


 23 and 24  25 and 26


27 and 28

 29 and 30 31 and 32


 33 and 34

35 36


37 and 38

39 and 40 41 and 42


43 and 44

45 and 46 47 and 48


49 and 50

51 and 52  



4.    Identifying the individuals

Front & rear photos of each of the numbered 1-52 photographs from above.

Elizabeth Barnes is a historian and genealogist, living in Sydney, and she  has identified many of the photographs below.  Elizabeth is a 4th cousin to Glenn LIEBELT, and is a descendant of Anna SCHULZ 1787-1862 and Samuel THIELE 1781-1869 who arrived on the 'Prince George' in 1838.

Each photo was carefully removed, scanned and replaced to avoid any damage to the album.






  Reverse: 'Wilhelm Johann Carl NITSCHKE, Bill Nitschke, b10.1.1909'    This is the 5th child of Louise Bertha PAECH b1880, no 46 below in this collection.  See no 28.






Reverse'Edward Harold KROEHN'  

Author suggests they are possibly Edwin, Herbert & Harold KROEHN

7 identical to 25




Reverse: 'Marion HINCKS  7 years 6 months, 25 December 19012'. Same female as in no 47.

Identified by Elizabeth BARNES,  Maria Helena PAECH 1887-1968. 





Identified by Elizabeth BARNES, Anna Dorothea PAECH 1882-1967    




Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Ida Alwiene PAECH 1893-1970.   Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Lucy Mathilde Ottielie PAECH 1896-.   




Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Elfrieda May BEARD 1907-1966.     








  Identified by Elizabeth BARNES as being her grandfather.  Vernon James BEARD 1910-1995.  His sisters are no 16 & no 49.    
25 identical to 7



     Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Anna Dorothea THIELE and Johann Wilhelm PAECH  and family c1905. 




Same youngest child as in no 3.        





Identified by author. Sisters Louise b1888, Hulda b1883, Emma b1881 and Anna Bertha KUCHEL.    




  Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Johann Benjamin PAECH 1884-1973. Reverse: 'To our Page boy, Hahndorf S.A. June 15th, 1916. George & Ria KUECHLE, Amber, South India.'



    Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Ida Alwiene PAECH 1856-1970 same woman in no 13.



Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Lucy Mathilde Othielie PAECH 1896 same woman in no 14.   Identified by Elizabeth BARNES. Alwin Edward LIEBELT 1906-1989.  



Add a caption




Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Louise Bertha PAECH b1880-1960  Louise's 5th child is no 3 above.

Reverse: 'To Mrs Liebelt from Martha HINCKS with best wishes age 13 years, Red Cross worker. 25.6.18'.  'May HINCKS'  

50 51

Identified by Elizabeth BARNES.  Kathleen Dorothy BEARD 1912-1996.     






5.    Brief family histories of identified individuals

Wilhelm Johann Carl NITSCHKE 

3. ca1911     b1909




2. Who is this? 



Each of the 3 photos is mounted on the same photographic card of 'MORA'.




Whose child is this?

Wilhelm Johann Carl NITSCHKE b 20 May 1909, fifth child [of 9 children] of Louise Bertha PAECH [photo below] b 24 January 1880, who married 27 April 1899 Ev Lutheran Church St Michael's Hahndorf, Heinrich Simon Julius NITSCHKE b 10 November 1872, Blakiston.

46  Louise Bertha PAECH, mother of Wilhelm left. 


Relationship to Glenn LIEBELT

Wilhelm is a 1C2R from the collection owner Glenn LIEBELT of Blakiston.

Wilhelm is a 1st cousin to Glenn's grandfather Clarence Albert LIEBELT b 14 January 1910.

Louise Bertha PAECH is a great great Aunt to Glenn LIEBELT.



On Wilhelm's father's side his ancestors were:  grandparents: Annie Elizabeth SEIDEL b1836 & Johan Karl NITSCHKE

b1828, great grandparents: Maria Elisabeth Marcia SÜSS b1803 &  Friedrich Wilhelm NITSCHKE b1802


On Wilhelm's mother's side his ancestors were: grandparents: Anna Dorothea THIELE b1856 & Johann Wilhelm PAECH b1850, great grandparents: Johann Karoline HARTMANN b1828 & Johann George PAECH b1826 and Anna Dorothea SCHMIDT b1820 & Johann Friedrich THIELE b1812.


Photo no 2: Female child on the left.

Could this child, '2',  be Wilhelm's older sister Hulda Alfreda NITSCHKE b 24 April 1906. How does this photo taken by the same photographer, different furniture, relate to the photo below. Wilhelm only had 2 older sisters.



Photo no 28:  2 little girls either side of Wilhelm Johann Carl NITSCHKE,

? taken on same day as top photo, Wilhelm is in the same clothes, shoes and socks, different chair.

There were only 2 other older sisters to Wilhelm: Vera Augusta b1903 and Hulda Alfreda b1906.


Reverse of 28

Each of these 3 photos had this exact same backing characteristics indicating they may have been displayed together at some stage.






More Siblings



See below under Louise Bertha PAECH 


 Is this Edwin Albert, Herbert Edmund & Harold Rement KROEHN.  


5 ca1910

Whose children are they

The rear of this photo is difficult to read and it possibly says 'Edward Harold KROEHN'  

Possibly this photo could be the 3 sons of Marie Hedwig LIEBELT b1866 and Johann Carl KROEHN b1865. Their 3 sons were Edwin Albert, Herbert Edmund, & Harold Rement & the boys had two sisters. Sewera Alma  & Olga Louise.


Relationship to Glenn LIEBELT

If this was correct these boys would be Glenn LIEBELT's 1C2R. 



The boys father was the child of: Johanne Louise Beate MUSTER & Johann Gottlieb KROEHN. 

The boys mother was the first child of: Auguste Sophie Louise MEYER b1841 & Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT b1840. 

Glenn's grandfather was John LIEBELT the only other child of Auguste Sophie Louise MEYER b1841 & Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT b1840. 

Auguste Sophie Louise MEYER was the first child born to Friedericke Wilhelmine STERNICKE b1818 an early Encounter Bay missionary Heinrich August Eduard MEYER b1813.



1.  Sewera Alma KROEHN b1894 m Carl Walter HOFF b1918.

2.  Olga Louise KROEHN b1896 m carl Benno GERSCHWITZ b1893

3.  Edwin Albert KROEHN b1898 m Amalie Ida GROEKE

4.  Herbert Edmund KROEHN b1900 m Druise Claire STEVENS b1913

5.  Harold Rement KROEHN b1907 m Gwendoline Edith ELLIOTT b1916


The following five photos are all children, [in order of age, not in order of assigned album number], of Anna Dorothea THIELE b1856 who married  23 July 1875 St Michael's Evangelical Church, Hahndorf, Johann Wilhelm PAECH b1850 

All of these siblings are great great aunts and uncles to Glenn LIEBELT.  Their sister, the third child, [no photograph in this collection] is the great grandmother of Glenn LIEBELT.  Their ancestors were: grandparents: Johann Karoline HARTMANN b1828 & Johann George PAECH b1826 and Anna Dorothea SCHMIDT b1820 & Johann Friedrich THIELE b1812.

1. Louise Bertha PAECH b1880 third child of Anna Dorothea THIELE & Johann Wilhelm PAECH

Married 27 April 1899, Ev Lutheran Church, St Michael's Hahndorf to Heinrich Simon Julius NITSCHKE b1872.



1. Rudolph Wilhelm NITSCHKE b1900 m Adeline Alma RUGE b1902

2. Andreas Otto NITSCHKE  b1901 m Anna Elsa RUDOLPH b1902 & Dora Selina Edna WEGENER b1909

3. Vera Augusta NITSCHKE  b1903 m Harold Bernhard RUGE

4. Hulda Alfreda NITSCHKE  b1906 m Edgar Wilhelm BRADTKE b1899

5. Wilhelm Johann Carl NITSCHKE  b1909 [See photo above] m Frieda Bertha HOMANN b1911

6. Harold Heinrich NITSCHKE b1914 m Gweneth RICHARDSON b1921 & Marie McKENNA b1924

7. Laurence Arthur NITSCHKE  b1918 d1918

8. Roy Roscoe NITSCHKE b1920 m Olive Elsie EICHLER b1919

9. Lorna Gladys NITSCHKE b1925 m Roderick William GILES b1932.

2. Johann Benjamin PAECH b 1884 fifth child of Anna Dorothea THIELE &  Johann Wilhelm PAECH

Photograph coloured by Elizabeth BARNES

Married 22 April 1926, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Murray Bridge, Eva Louisa KELCEY b1898.



1. Albert James b1927 m Rosemary Kathleen BARKER b1932

2. Ronda Dora b1929 m Everard John BACKEN b1927

3. Alice Mary b1930 m Frederick William EIME b1931

4. Harold Benjamin b1933 m Fay Marie REDDEN b193

3. Maria Helene PAECH b 1887 sixth child of Anna Dorothea THIELE &  Johann Wilhelm PAECH

Married 21 April 1909, St Michael's Church, Hahndorf, August Edward LIEBELT b1884.  Known as 'Teddy' her husband was a 3C2R to Glenn LIEBELT.



1. Twin:  Alfred William LIEBELT b1912 m Oliviana Leontine ROEDER b1921

2. Twin:  Dora Bertha LIEBELT b1912 m Oscar Ernst LIEBELT b1901  [They were 1C1R]

3. Alice Vera LIEBELT b1916 m Robert George SHEPPARD b1913



4. Ida Alwiene PAECH b 1893 seventh child of Anna Dorothea THIELE &  Johann Wilhelm PAECH


Married 25 September 1918 St Michael's Church Ambleside, Victor Alfred BRAENDLER  b1896.  Known as 'Vic' her husband was a 3C2R to Glenn LIEBELT. 



1. Laurance Alfred BRAENDLER b1920 m Gwendoline Margaret WAHLHIEM b1929

2. Roy Victor BRAENDLER b1923 m Myra Emma COCKERELL b1922

3. John Edward BRENDLER b1926 


5. Lucy Mathilde Othielie PAECH b 1896 eighth child of Anna Dorothea THIELE &  Johann Wilhelm PAECH


Married on 15 May 1918 at St Michael's Church, Ambleside, Wilhelm Herbert SCHUBERT b1892.  Known as 'Herb' her husband was a 2C2R to Glenn LIEBELT. 



1.  Edgar Herbert SCHUBERT b1919 m Betty Dawn SCHREIBER b1929

2. Vera Annie SCHUBERT 1922 m Roy Erich KUCHEL b1920

3. Ronald Douglas SCHUBERT b1928 m Lorraine May HANSEN b1927


The following 3 photos are all children [in order of age and assigned album number], of Annie Louise THIELE b1880 who married 3 November 1906 at the residence of William J HART, in Mt Barker, William James BEARD b1875.  According to Elizabeth BARNES anecdotal information is that Annie THIELE was very good friends with the older sister of the 5 children above, Anna Dorothea PAECH b1882.  

All of these siblings below are 2C2R to Glenn LIEBELT.  Their ancestors were: grandparents: Mary Anna RUTTER b1849 & William James BEARDS b1852 and Johanna Pauline REUGNER b1859, 2nd wife of  Johann Gottfried THIELE b1841.

These 3 BEARD siblings below are 1C1R to the 5 PAECH siblings above.

1.  Elfrieda May BEARD

16 ca1909Photograph coloured by Elizabeth BARNES



Elfrieda, the 1st  [of three] born 10 September 1907.



2.  Vernon James BEARD grand father of Elizabeth BARNES

Photograph coloured by Elizabeth BARNES

23 ca1911

Vernon, the 2nd  [of three] born 12 April 1910.



He married Magdelene Ruth GRUND b1914 who was the sister of Kathleen's [below] husband Ferdinand.


3. Kathleen Dorothy  BEARD           


49. ca1915Photograph coloured by Elizabeth BARNES

Kathleen is the 3rd & last born 1 February 1912



She married Ferdinand Max GRUND b1910 who is the brother of Vernon BEARD's wife, Magdelene GRUND.



Annie Louisa THIELE b1880  was the mother of these 3 children.  Her father, Johann Gottfried THIELE b1841 was the first [of thirteen] child of Anna Dorothea SCHMIDT b1820 &  Johann Friedrich 'Hanfried' THIELE b1812.  Gottfried THIELE and Hanfried THIELE are the  grandfather and great grandfather of the three BEARD children. 

The 13 THIELE children were:

1. Johann Gottfried b1841 m 1st wife Rebecca SIMPSON b1844 then 2nd wife  Johanna Pauline REUGNER b1859. The mother of the 3 BEARD children was born from this 2nd marriage to REUGNER.

2. Johann Christian b1843

3. Johanna Louisa b1844 m Johann Friedrich Wilhelm THIELE b1837

4. Johanne Eleanore b1847 m Friedrich Siegmund SCHNEEMILCH b1842

5. Hanne Johanne Dorothea b1848

6. Carolina Ernestina b1851

7. Maria Amelia b1852 m Heinrich August b1851

8. Ernst b1853

9. Martha b1854

10. Anna Dorothea b1856 m Johann Wilhelm PAECH b1850

11. Lydia b1868 m Johann August BRETAG b1847

12. Augusta Emma b1860

13  Hulda b1863 m Ernst Heinrich SCHUBERT b1859

  • Johann Gottfried THIELE's younger sister Anna Dorothea THIELE b1891, is the tenth [of thirteen] child of the same parents, and  is the mother of all five PAECH siblings in the above photos: 
  • Louise Bertha b1880, Johanne Benjamin b1884, Maria Helena b1887 Ida Alwiene b1893 & Lucy Marthilde 1896,  The sister of these PAECH siblings is Anna Doretha PAECh b1882, the great grandmother of Glenn LIEBELT
  • Elfrieda, Vernon and Kathleen BEARD are therefore 1C1R from the above 5 PAECH siblings.


Martha Marion HINCKS in both photos  


Photo left:

 'Marion HINCKS  7 years 6 months, 25 December 19012'. 


Photo right:

'To Mrs LIEBELT from Martha HINCKS with best wishes aged 13 years, Red Cross worker. 25.6.18 May HINCKS'




Martha Marion HINCKS b25 June 1905, at family residence Mt Barker, father W. Thomas HINCKS, Carpenter, mother Sarah May, baptised Blakiston St James Anglican Church [SAGHS 'South Australian Church Records, Baptism Database]


Their is no evidence yet of how the  HINCKS's are related to the STEINBORN/LIEBELT descendants

Martha Marion HINCKS  b25 June 1905, father William Thomas HINCKS, mother Sarah May HART, birth residence Mount Barker Junction, Mount Barker. [SAGHS Birth Registrations' Database]


Martha's parents were married 29 June 1904, William was 42 years of age and Sarah May HART was 26 years of age, her father was William John HART & his father was Henry HINCKS.  They married at the Res of William Ellis Mount Barker.

Martha had 3 sisters Alma Freda b11 April 1911 and died 10 August 1911.  Mary Elizabeth b7 October 1923, Joyce Thelma b6 September 1917, all born at Mount Barker Junction


Martha married Alfred WEST on 22 October 1925

Mary Elizabeth married Arthur Thomas LEANEY 4 April 1936.




Anna Dorothea THIELE and Johann Wilhelm PAECH and family c1905
27 Photograph coloured by Elizabeth BARNES  


Louise b1888, Hulda b1883, Emma b1881 and Anna Bertha KUCHEL.

Whose daughters are these women?

In the 'John MUELLER Photo Collection & Other Archival Material'  this same photo, an exact copy by Edmund DIEDERICH is labelled on the back '4 KUCHEL sisters'.  


The author suggests that these four women are the 1st, 6th, 7th & 9th children [of ten] of Johanne Louise LIEBELT b1848 and Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL who Johanne was married to by Pastor Strempel on 4 May 1871 at St Michael's Church, Hahndorf. 

Anna Bertha KUCHEL b1872 is sitting.  Anna married William Charles COLLINS b1872 on 13 September 1899.  

Johanne Louise KUCHEL b1888 is far left, she married Ernest NELSON b1892 on 23 April 1914.  

Pauline Hulda KUCHEL b1883 is centre back, she married Edward Otto MUELLER b1882 on 10 April 1913.  

Maria Emma  b1881 is on back right, she married Wilhelm Albert EY b1883 on 11 April 1912.

Relationship to Glenn LIEBELT?

These 4 sisters are 3C2R to Glenn LIEBELT.



The sisters' mother was the first child of Johanna Karoline LUBASCH and Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT b1823 who were married by Pastor KAVEL in the Hahndorf Schoolroom on 9 September 1847.  Their maternal grandparents were Anna Dorothea GREISER b1799 & Johann Gottfried LUBASCH b1790 and Maria Elisabeth KUCHEL b1798 & Johann Christian LIEBELT b1801. Great grandparents were Anna Elisabeth STEINBORN b1769 and Johann Christoph LIEBELT b1775.


The KUCHEL sister's paternal grandparents were Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth KUCHEL b1811 & her 1st cousin Johann Gottfried Erdmann KUCHEL b1812. Great grandparents were Daniel KUCHEL b1775 & unknown wife, and Anna Dorothea SEIFFERT b1787 & Johann Georg KUCHEL b1783.



Their brothers were Gustav Adolph KUCHEL b1873 who married Louise BRAENDLER b1879, Johann Gottlieb KUCHEL b1877 who married Marie SCHMEISS b1886, Gottfried Alfred KUCHEL b1879 who married Rose HENNINGSEN b1888, and Johann Friedrich Wilhelm KUCHEL b1891 who never married. 






Maria Helena Ottilie BRAUER 1894-1967 & George KUECHLE.

'To our Page boy, Hahndorf S.A. June 15th, 1916. George & Ria KUECHLE, Amber, South India.'

Whose children are the married couple?
Author has identified the following, 'Ria' is Maria Helena Ottilie BRAUER, the eldest child [of seven]  to Ottilie Lydia STREMPEL b1867 and Alfred Ernest Richard BRAUER b1866 who married on 20 September 1893 at St Michael's Church, Hahndorf.  

According to the STREMPLE Family History page 73 "Maria, the eldest child was nursing in the Hahndorf hospital when Rev George KUECHLE who had been working as a missionary in India, was recuperating from an attack of Malaria.  After he recovered from this illness he returned to India only to come back a year later to marry Ria."

I am yet to discover who the page boy was or the other adults in the photo.


Relationship to Glenn LIEBELT?

Ria is a 2C2R to Glenn LIEBELT.

Glenn's great great grandfather was married to Maria MEYER's older sister Auguste Sophie Louise MEYER b1841.


Ria's maternal grandparents were Maria Charlotte Friederike MEYER b1841 & Rev Karl Friedrich Adolph STREMPEL b1831 and married 5 May 1858, Church Bethanien, Angaston.  

Maria MEYER was the 2nd [of five} child of Friedericke Wilhelmine STERNICKE b1818 and Encounter Bay missionary Heinrich August Eduard MEYER b1813.

Rev STREMPEL's parents were Karl Ernst Ferdinand STREMPEL b1797 and Anna Maria Emma SYCZIKUCZINSKA b18801.



They had four children:

    1. Rhonda Helen b1917

    2. Eleanore Eudora b1919

    3  Eunice May b1920

    4 George Alfred b1921

    5 Adelaide Ida b1921


Alwin Edward LIEBELT 1906-1989


Whose son is this?

Alwin LIEBELT b1906, 1st child [of four] to Anna Dorothea PAECH b1882 and John Eduard LIEBELT b1870, married 13 September 1905, St Michael's Church, Hahndorf. Alwin's mother Anna is a sister to Maria Helena PAECH b1887, Johann Benjamin PAECh b1884, Ida Alwiene b1893 and Lucy Mathilde Othiele b1896 [all pictured above].


Relationship to Glenn LIEBELT?

Alwin's brother Clarence Albert b1910 is a Glenn LIEBELT's grandfather.  Alwin is Glenn's great Uncle.


Alwin's maternal grandparents were Anna Dorothea THIELE b1856 and Johann Wilhelm PAECH b1850 and married 23 July 1875 at St Michael's Evangelical Church, Hahndorf.  His paternal grandparents were Auguste Sophie Louise MEYER b1841 and Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT b1840 and married in 1864.



NO 2  Ella Sophie Anna LIEBELT b1908 married Charles Heinrich FLADRICH b1903.

NO 3 Clarence Albert LIEBELT b1910 married Ellen MIELS, Glenn LIEBELT"s grandparents.

NO 4 Gordon Bernard LIEBELT b1915 married Phylis EARL. 


6.    Identifying the photographers

The Frühling Studio

Photographs by the Frühling Studio 

According to, Frühling Studios, Australia, dated 1880-1910.

1   '62 Rundle St, Adelaide' 2  'Rundle St, Adelaide 3. 'Rundle St, Adelaide' 7. '62 Rundle St, Adelaide' F stamp
9. '62 Rundle St, Adelaide' F stamp 19  '62 Rundle Street, Adelaide' 21 '62 Rundle Street, Adelaide' 25 Identical photo to No 7.
28 'Rundle St, Adelaide' 45 '62 Rundle St, Adelaide' F stamp 51 '62 Rundle St, Adelaide' F stamp 52 '62 Rundle St, Adelaide' F Stamp


The Crown Studios

Photos by The Crown Studios

'Mechanical Eye page 150' The Crown Photo Co. Rundle St, Adelaide 1900.

4  'Adelaide and Port' 15. '91 Rundle St, Adelaide' 19  


R. Duryea & T [Townsend] Duryea 1823-1888.

Photos by R. Duryea & T Duryea

'Mechanical Eye page 156'  

     R Duryea Echuca Vict 1888-1891 & Albany WA 1897-1900.

     T.D. Duryea King William St Adelaide 1855-57, 1858-75, Moonta 1880-1884, Rundle St 1884-1891, Rundle St 1892-1900.

5. 'Mannum' R Duryea

26 'Adelaide' TD stamp T Duryea    


Stump & Co.  Alfred Augustus STUMP 1860-1925

Photos by Stump & Co Studios

'The Mechanical Eye page 236',  

King William St Adelaide 1888-1889, Rundle St Adelaide 1890-1894, 35A King William St, Adelaide 1892-1900, 65A Rundle St Adelaide 1892-1900

6. 'Adelaide' 12. '65 Rundle St, & at King William St, Adelaide'  S stamp 20  'Adelaide' S stamp  
  ca 1892-1900     


Frank A. McNeill

Photos by Frank A. McNeill

No information found

 8. 'Gawler Place, Adelaide' 32 '184 Rundle St, Adelaide' 44 'Gawler Place, Adelaide' 47 'Adelaide & Port'
48 'Adelaide'      



Photos by Mora

'Mechanical Eye' page 202, MORA, 51 Rundle St Adelaide, 1903, Manager William Henry HAMMER, MORA STUDIO, 83 Rundle St, Adelaide 1892-1940, MORA STUDIO, 93 Rundle St, Adelaide, 1900 MORA STUDIO, St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, 1900.

10  'Rundle St, Adleiade' 11. '83 Rundle St, Adelaide and Port Adelaide' 13  'Adelaide' 14  'Adelaide'


16 'Adelaide'

17 'The Mora Studios, Adelaide' 23 'Adelaide' 42. 'Rundle St, Adelaide'
49 'Adelaide'      


Hammer and Co., c.1867-1890

'The Mechanical Eye' page 172

William H Hammer & Co.  Payneham Rd Evandale 881-1889, 6 Rundle St Adelaide 1882-1900, 172 Rundle St, Adelaide 1882-1886, 44 Rundle St, Adelaide cdv 1887, Rundle St Adelaide 1887-1891, 83 Rundle St, Adelaide  1882-1900., St Vincent St Port Adelaide 1887-1900.

18. 'Adelaide' 29 'Adelaide' ART Studio, CH stamp. 35 '6 Rundle St, Adelaide' Renaissance  


Thos Adcock

Photos by Thos Adcock

'The Mechanical Eye' page 121, 1895-98 83 King William St, Adelaide 

24 'PHOTO ARTIST King William St, Adelaide and at Moonta'      




Bond & Co

Photos by Bond & Co

'The Mechanical Eye' page 136, 1890-1900 91 Rundle St, Adelaide

30 '91 Rundle St, Adelaide'      


Edmund Diederich

Photographs by Richard Rudolph Edmund Diederich

31 'R. Diederich, Australian Photographer, Portrait taken in any weather'

34 'R. Diederich, Australian Photographer, Portrait taken in any weather'

1. DIEDERICH RE AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHER, travelling photographer, to 1890. 2. DIEDERICH RE AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHER portable studio touring Port Wakefield, Balaklava, Snowtown, Redhill, Port Germein, Wirrabara, Appila, Booleroo Centre, Georgetown, Melrose and Yongala, 1890 to 1895.  3. DIEDERICH Richard Rudolph Edmund, 172 Rundle Street Adelaide, 1881, Employee of HAMMER & CO.  4. DIEDERICH Richard Rudolph Edmund, Hahndorf, pre 1890, see HAEHNEL & CO. 5. DIEDERICH Richard Rudolph Edmund, travelling photographer to 1890, see DIEDERICH RE AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHER. 5. DIEDERICH Richard Rudolph Edmund,  nr Hahndorf, 1895 to 1923 [Graham Jaunay, Ancestral & Local History Research]


Adelaide Photo Lab

Photos by Adelaide Photo Lab
46 'Rundle St, Adelaide'      




36 'Nitschke, Hahndorf' 27 'Alf.A NITSCHKE Hahndorf'

33 'Alf.A NITSCHKE Hahndorf'



Lund & Co

Photographs by Lund & Co
43 '97 Rundle St, Adelaide'



Photographer unknown
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The Mechanical Eye in Australia Photography 1841-1900 by Alan Davies & Peter Stanbury.


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