Extracts from SA General Registry Office (GRO) Information

From the foundation of South Australia as a colony in December 1836 up until the implementation of the Real Property Act (Torrens Title System) in 1858, all deeds and records of land and other similar transactions were held at the South Australian General Registry Office (GRO).  The role of the GRO covered more than just property transactions and included mortgages, conveyances, leases, land grants, indentures, wills and other records which were deposited with the office.  Documents called memorials represent those original deeds registered and held by the GRO, whereas documents known as deposits or enrolments are certified copies held by the GRO.  These GRO records are now held at the S.A. Land Services Group, corner of Marion Road and Richmond Road, Netley where such records for early landowners and pioneer settlers are available upon suitable application.


Reg Butler (Hahndorf Historian), together with considerable help over an extended period of time, extracted relevant details from the GRO records.  These consist of data extracted from GRO Applications, Deposits, Enrolments, Land Grants, Memorials, and RPA Searches.  Individual extracted details were subsequently merged together by Reg under a common name or title forming the following Merged Lists listed below.


The following information was extracted basically 'as is' from Reg's unpublished computer working files as at c2014.  Although it is certain that when compiling such data Reg took all available means to ensure accuracy and has provided appropriate references for most information, it is left to the reader to determine the validity of all such data.  Under no circumstances will Reg Butler correspond about or discuss any of the material or data included in any pages containing information extracted from his computer files.


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Names Beginning 'Q*'

QUA, Ing carpenter Gawler 1850. He had leased land in Leigh St, Adelaide in 1846 Memorial 61/21

No 1

QUALMANN, Friedrich Gottfried Ludwig farmer Langmeil 1853 Memorial 388/50

QUALMANN, Friedrich farmer Angas Park 1854 Memorial 17/71

QUALMANN, Friedrich farmer Gnadenfrei 1862 Application 3213

QUALMANN, Friedrich Gottfried Ludwig farmer formerly of Langmeil1853 but now of near Greenock 1864 Application 5458

QUALMANN, Friedrich farmer near Maitland Hundred of Kilkerran land grant 1879 Grant Book 19 Page 166 County Fergusson

QUALMANN, Johann Heinrich farmer Tanunda Hundred of Maitland land grant 1879[-1881] Grant Book 19 Page 104 County Fergusson

QUALTROUGH, Edward tutor Lake Condah (perhaps to the children of Thomas Pinsent SCOTT??) 1868 Memorial 121/234

No 1 - perhaps the Elder??

QUARRELL, Samuel formerly licensed victualler Bell Inn, Gilbert St, Adelaide, but now an insolvent 1865 Memorial 180/203

No 2 - perhaps a mixture of the Elder and the Younger

QUARRELL, Samuel builder Adelaide about to marry Mary MATTERS 1878 Memorial 86/363

QUARRELL, Samuel the Elder builder Adelaide 1892[-1893] Memorial 208/414

QUART, William gardener Athelstone 1897 Application 23314

No 1

QUARTLY, Henry Francis storekeeper Hindmarsh 1854[-1855] Memorial 391/68

QUARTLY, Henry Francis formerly of Hindmarsh but now storekeeper and postmaster Riverton 1859[-1864] Memorial 290/161, Application 887

No 1

QUARTLEY, William H JP of Minlaton 1886 Memorial 93/379

QUARTLEY, William Henry of Minlaton 1887 Memorial 164/383

QUARTLY, William Henry storekeeper Minlaton and Curramulka 1889 Memorial 78/396

QUARTLY, William Henry storekeeper Minlaton trustee Institute Minlaton Minlaton township allotment land grant 1889 Grant Book 19 Page 200 County Fergusson

QUARTLEY, William Henry storekeeper Minlaton 1891 Memorial 200/407

No 1

QUARTON, Edwin miller Gawler 1886 Memorial 64/376

QUARTON, Edwin miller Gawler 1886 Application 20907

QUAST, Johann August Wilhelm farmer Blumberg then of near Mannum father of Johann Friedrich Paul Quast farmer near Mannum 1898 Memorials 185/433 & 24/434

No 1

QUAST, Johann Ernst Gottlieb farmer Hundred of Finniss 1897 Memorial 150/430

QUAST, Johann Ernst Gottlieb farmer Mannum 1902 Memorial 91/445

QUAST, Johann Ferdinand Traugott farmer Claypans Hundred of Forster. Hundred of Forster land grant 1912 Grant Book 3 Page 32 County Albert

QUAST, Johann Friedrich Paul farmer Mannum Hundred of Finniss land grant 1899 Grant Book 58 Page 47 County Sturt

QUAST, Johann Heinrich Carl farmer Mannum 1894 Memorial 1/423

QUAYLE, Alfred Charles storekeeper 80 Richmond Rd, Westbourne Park 1941 Application 28305

No 1 - perhaps the same person

QUAYLE, John farmer Adelaide 1853 Memorial 479/56

QUAYLE, John of Tam O'Shanter Land 1853 Memorial 256/83

QUEALE, Henry the Younger farmer Greens Plains West. Hundred of Kadina land grant 1891 Grant Book 14 Page 247 County Daly

QUEALE, Henry Hamiliton farmer and grazier Greens Plains West. Hundred of Kadina land grant 1917 Grant Book 14 Page 402 County Daly

No 1

QUEALE, Hugh Gray police trooper Eudunda 1885[-1888] Memorial 92/368

QUEALE, HG police constable Kooringa 1914 Application 28385

QUEALE, Susan spinster Silverton NSW 1889[-1894] Memorial 931/397

No 1

QUEALE, Thomas railway district foreman Aberdeen near Kooringa 1900[-1902] Memorial 249/441

QUEALE, Thomas railway district foreman formerly of Aberdeen but now of Gawler 1902 Memorial 102/446

QUEALE, Thomas railway fireman formerly of Aberdeen but now of Adelaide 1902 Memorial 51/447

QUEALE, Thomas railway inspector Keswick 1920 Application 26884

No 1

QUELCH, William labourer Morphett Vale 1853[-1862] Hundred of Yankalilla land grant Memorial 165/85

QUELCH, William farmer Morphett Vale 1872 Application 12232

QUELCH, William of Morphett Vale, died 17/12/1886. Husband of Susannah Quelch. Estate worth £160. Susannah Catherine Quelch widow Morphett Vale, died 10/4/1903 Adelaide. Sister to William BAILEY, who had 11 children. Nephew Joseph Bailey farmer Hopetoun West Vic. Estate worth £100 Memorials 21 & 22/450

QUELCH, William farmer Morphett Vale, died 17/12/1886. His widow, Susannah Catherine Quelch, died 10/4/1903 Memorial 168/450

No 1 - possibly the same person

QUICK, Arthur gardener Marden linked with Henry Charles Quick gardener Marden 1886 Memorial 67/377

QUICK, Arthur gardener Marion on the Sturt 1892 Memorial 114/415

QUICK, Arthur fruit grower Marion 1892 Application 22428

QUICK, Arthur gardener Marion 1894 Application 22756

QUICK, Arthur gardener Marion Rd, Marion 1921 Application 26953

QUICK, Olive Elizabeth spinster Marion and MOTTERAM, Flora Hulbert married woman King's Park 1946, daughters of Arthur Quick no description Application 28461

No 1 - possibly the same person

QUICK, Charles bricklayer Marden 1853 Memorial 330/49

QUICK, Charles gardener Marden 1876 Memorial 34/293

QUICK, Charles gardener Marden 1894 Application 22632

QUICK, C farmer Redhill 1878 Memorial 54/311

QUICK, George gardener Marden 1893 Memorial 247/418

No 1

QUICK, Henry Charles bricklayer Marden 1854 Memorial 175/66

QUICK, Henry Charles gardener Marden 1859 Application 849

QUICK, Henry Charles winemaker Marden 1867 Memorial 11/224

QUICK, Henry Charles winegrower and winemaker Marden 1883 Application 20030

QUICK, Henry Charles wine grower Marden Co Adelaide. Hundred of Crystal Brook land grant 1884 Grant Book 60 Page 234 County Victoria

QUICK, Henry Charles gardener Marden 1888 Memorial 29/395

No 1

QUICK, John carpenter Gawler 1866 Memorial 113/215

No 2

QUICK, John dairyman Fourth St, Bowden 1893 Application 22603

QUICK, Mary widow Bowden 1927 Application 27498

No 1

QUICK, Nathaniel Simpson of Adelaide 1841[-1842] Memorial 29/130 Of Adelaide (Stephens Place) 1842 Memorial 456/1

QUICK, Nathaniel Simpson clerk to JH FISHER solicitor Adelaide (Stephens Place)1843 Memorial 25/3

No 1

QUICK, Philip farmer Noarlunga 1847[-1867] Memorial 238/9

QUICK, Philip farmer Noarlunga 1874 Application 13720

QUICK, Philip gentleman Noarlunga, died 28/1/1881 intestate. Letters of administration to his wife, Sarah Quick, to settle his estate Memorial 152/329

QUICK, Sarah widow Noarlunga relict of Philip Quick 1881 He had died intestate date not stated. Philip Quick had a land grant in the Noarlunga area in 1842 Application 18484

No 1 - perhaps the same person

QUICKE, James farmer Hamilton on the Light 1858 Memorial 219/146

QUICKE, James farmer Kooringa 1870 Memorial 53/248

No 1 - perhaps the same person

QUICKE, William of Kooringa 1853 Memorial 17/50

QUICKE, William farmer Kooringa 1863 Memorial 52/190

No 1 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

QUICKE, William James farmer near Kapunda 1861 Memorial 293/176

QUICKE, William James farmer near Hamilton on the Light 1872 Application 12261

QUICKE, William James farmer Hamilton on the Light Hundred of Waterloo land grant 1864 Grant Book 44 Page 361 County Light

QUICKE, William James farmer Hamilton on the Light, died 6/1/1875 Memorial 19/322

QUICKE, William James farmer near Hamilton on the Light 1885 Memorial 146/370

QUIGGIN, John merchant Melbourne Vic. Hundred of Crystal Brook land grant 1876 Grant Book 60 Page 223 County Victoria

QUIGLEY, Anastasia spinster formerly of Mt Gambier but now of Melbourne Vic 1871 Memorial 71/254

QUIGLEY, Dennis wheelwright Clare 1868 Application 9055

QUIGLEY, Edward labourer Enfield 1875 Application 14654

No 1 - perhaps the same person

QUIGLEY, George farmer Adelaide 1857 Memorial 311/129

QUIGLEY, George farmer Lower Light 1864 Application 4971

QUIGLEY, George farmer Lower Light 1877 Memorial 35/306

QUIGLEY, George stockholder Lower Light Pt Prime (Hundred of Dublin) township allotment land grant 1880[-1884] Grant Book 27 Page 453 County Gawler

QUIGLEY, George stockholder Brookdale Hundred of Dublin land grant 1884 Grant Book 26 Page 351 County Gawler

QUIGLEY, George gentleman Lower Light 1897. Linked with Rose Quigley spinster Lower Light Application 23340

No 1

QUIGLEY, James labourer Bugle Ranges and Julia Quigley his wife 1905 Memorial 32/453

QUIGLEY, James labourer formerly of the Bugle Ranges but now of Macclesfield and Julia Quigley his wife 1908 Application 25450

No 2 - perhaps a continuation of No 1

QUIGLEY, James labourer Forestville 1916 Application 26514

QUIGLEY, Michael gentleman Adelaide 1856 Memorial 203/106

QUIGLEY, Patrick farmer Mintaro Hundred of Andrews land grant 1876[-1881] Grant Book 56 Page 312 County Stanley

QQUIGLEY, Samuel smelter Kapunda 1857 Memorial 136/132

QUIGLEY, Thomas labourer Kapunda 1865 Memorial 205/204

QUILTY, John mason Norwood 1881 Application 18859

No 1

QUILTY, Robert dairyman Adelaide 1859 Memorial 53/151

QUILTY, Robert farmer near Adelaide 1860 Memorial 278/176

QUILTY, Robert gentleman Adelaide 1863 Memorial 53/151

QUILTY, Robert dairyman Thebarton 1864 Memorial 293/199

QUILTY, Robert dairyman Thebarton, died 4/1/1865 intestate. His wife, Eliza Quilty, to get letters of administration to administer the estate, worth £2,000. Eliza Quilty 35 milkwoman Thebarton (Father: John WALSH) married Timothy CORBETT 30 bushman Thebarton (Father: Timothy Corbett) on 20/1/1867 Church of the Immaculate Conception, Pt Adelaide. Witnesses: John MUMFORD ?? mail driver Pt Adelaide, Catherine FURE grocer Thebarton (both surnames indistinct and hard to read - probaby wrong) Application 14217.

QUILTY, Robert dairyman Thebarton, died 4/1/1865 intestate, of colic, aged 39. Wife, Bridget nee WALSH. His eldest son, Michael Quilty, inherited as heir at law. He died 31/3/1865 intestate, age 8 years, leaving his brother, John Quilty, born 15/5/1860, and mason of Norwood 1884, as heir at law. He was baptised 20/5/1860 in St Patrick’s Grote St, Adelaide. Sponsors - Peter WALSH and Mary QUILTY. A confusion in having Bridget nee WALSH as the wife of Robert Quilty. Elizabeth CORBET wife of Timothy Corbet labourer Coke St, Norwood, claimed in 1884 that she was the former wife of Robert Quilty deceased. 5 children in the Quilty family - Theresa, Annie and Mary, Michael and John Quilty. Eizabeth Corbet died 11/11/1884 of senile decay and gout, aged 65 Application 20308.

QUIN, Allan wharf manager Pt Adelaide 1888 Memorial 153/392

QUIN, Eliza widow Germein St, Semaphore 1895 Application 23040

No 1

QUIN, Hugh yeoman New Port 1840 Engineer Pt Adelaide 1850 Master Mariner 1853 Application 6551.

QUIN, Hugh Pilot service of SA 1847 Memorial 29/8

QUIN, Hugh chief pilot Pt Adelaide 1848 Memorial 188/19

QUIN, Hugh master mariner Pt Adelaide 1851[-1853] Memorial 473/40 Pt Adelaide and Alberton Building Society trustee 1852 Memorial 200/45

QUIN, Hugh formerly yeoman the New Port 1840 now master mariner Pt Adelaide 1853 Application 6551.

QUIN, Hugh steam tug master Pt Adelaide 1853 Memorial 274/57

QUIN, Hugh pilot Adelaide 1854 Memorial 438/68

QUIN, Hugh master mariner Pt Adelaide 1856 Linked with William Quin plasterer Queenstown Memorial 55/112

QUIN, Hugh harbourmaster Pt Adelaide 1864[-1878] Memorial 24/198, Application 13775.

QUIN, Hugh gentleman Pt Adelaide trustee Pt Adelaide Presbyterian Church 1882 Application 19149

QUIN, Hugh master mariner Pt Adelaide and Sarah Quin his wife linked with Allan Quin wharf manager Pt Adelaide 1888 Memorial 153/392

QUIN, Hugh formerly harbour master but now gentleman Pt Adelaide 1893 Memorial 131/418

QUIN, Hugh late harbour master Pt Adelaide 1882 Application 19320.

QUIN, Hugh formerly harbour master now of no occupation Pt Adelaide 1890 Application 21788

QUIN, Sarah widow of the late Hugh Quin harbour master Dale St, Pt Adelaide, died 31/8/1918, of 3 weeks' cerebral haemorrhage, aged 81. Born Maitland NSW. Married at 27 years. 1 son, 4 daughters living. 2 sons, 3 daughters deceased Application 26758.

No 1

QUIN, James carpenter North Adelaide 1850 Memorial 147/19

QUIN, James carpenter Pt Adelaide 1850 Memorial 233/20

QUIN, James carpenter Queenstown 1852[-1856] Memorial 234/44

No 1 - perhaps the same person

QUIN, James formerly labourer 1839 but now yeoman Adelaide 1875 Application 14142.

QUIN, James yeoman Adelaide 1855 Memorial 292/126

QUIN, James and Thomas farmers Clare 1865 Memorial 52/202

QUIN, John cook Pt Adelaide 1867 Memorial 155/224

QUIN, John Mitchell Sinclair out of business Belair 1924 Memorial 40/492

QUIN, Michael labourer Le Fevre Peninsula 1876 Application 15534.

QUIN, Robert sailmaker Semaphore 1919 Application 26758.

No 1

QUIN, Thomas farmer Eudunda Hundred of Appila land grant 1878 Grant Book 24 Page 494 County Frome

No 2 - mixture of the Elder and the Younger

QUIN, Thomas the Elder and the Younger perhaps of the Hundred of Waterloo 1865 Memorial 59/215

QUIN, Thomas the Younger farmer Spring Creek near Marrabel on the Dirty Light 1867 Memorial 234/220

No 1 - likely to be the same person

QUIN, William plasterer Queenstown 1858[-1865] Memorial 175/147

QUIN, William plasterer Queenstown 1859 Application 881.

QUIN, William gentleman Pt Adelaide 1876 Memorial 184/291

QUINLAN, James schoolmaster Kooringa 1851 Memorial 207/34

QUINLAN, James Laffan teacher Burra Burra 1851 Memorial 292/29

No 1

QUINLAN, Jeremiah farmer near Clare Co Stanley. Hundred of Booyoolie land grant 1878 Grant Book 60 Page 154 County Victoria

QUINLAN, Jeremiah farmer Booyoolie 1880 Memorial 242/326

No 1

QUINLAN, John wheelwright Gawler 1858 Memorial 37/142

QUINLAN, John [formerly wheelwright Gawler but now] farmer Gawler 1869 Memorial 14/274

No 2

QUINLAN, John wheelwright Kapunda 1864[-1865] Memorial 108/195

QUINLAN, John wheelwright Kapunda, died 19/10/1871. He left his widow, Elizabeth Quinlan, and his children, Denis Quinlan, and Bridget, Elizabeth, Maria and Catherine Quinlan. By 1910, Denis Quinlan was a Corporation labourer at Gawler Application 25851.

No 3

QUINLAN, John farmer Clare 1901 Memorial 242/442

QUINLAN, John retired farmer Clare and Margaret Quinlan his wife 1915[-1919] Memorial 32/473

No 1

QUINLAN, Michael farmer Light Pass 1856 Memorial 261/111

QUINLAN, Michael farmer Light River 1860[-1862] Memorial 10/167

No 1

QUINLAN, Richard farmer Armagh near Clare Co Stanley 1854[-1856] Memorial 91/65

QUINLAN, Richard farmer near Clare Hundred of Blyth land grant 1865 Grant Book 56 Page 376 County Stanley

QUINLAN, Richard farmer Rossmore Hundred of Milne Co Stanley, died 1880. He left his entire estate to his wife, Lucy Quinlan, during her widowhood. If she died his widow, she had the right to share out the estate in the proportion she chose to the following of their children - Ellen Quinlan, Bridget Quinlan, Patrick Quinlan, Mary Quinlan, Lawrence Quinlan, Anne Quinlan and John Quinlan. If she remarried, the executors to decide how the estate was to be shared out amongst the children. Executors: David KEELY farmer Lower Wakefield and Jeremiah Quinlan farmer Booyoolie [Gladstone] Memorial 139/325

QUINLAN, Richard farmer Rossmore Hundred of Milne, died 25/3/1880. His entire estate in trust to his wife, Lucy Quinlan, for life, then to hand on the estate to their children in the proportions she decides upon. If she remarried, then the executors to decide the proportions once the youngest child turned 21. Estate worth £1,300. Jeremiah Quinlan farmer Booyoolie one of the children by 1877 Application 24222.

QUINLAN, Lucy widow Rossmore Hundred of Milne, died 1/1/1901. Relict of Richard Quinlan formerly farmer Rossmore Hundred of Milne, who died 25/3/1880. Mother of John Quinlan farmer near Clare and Jeremiah Quinlan formerly farmer Booyoolie [Hundred of Booyoolie Co Victoria], but now miner 328 Peisse St, Boulder WA. Executors: William SPEERS farmer near Clare and Robert GRAHAM gentleman Clare Memorials 241-242/442

QUINLAN, Lucy widow of Richard Quinlan Rossmore Hundred of Milne Co Stanley, died 1/1/1901. She disposed of her whole estate according to the will of her husband. Children included - Patrick Quinlan, Lawrence Quinlan, John Quinlan, Annie MARTIN wife of Thomas Martin, Mary BICKHOFF wife of Theodor Bickhoff, Ellen and Bridget Quinlan in a convent of the Order of St Joseph. The personal estate which Mrs Quinlan did not name in her will to be sold and the trustees to distribute the money to the children equally absolutely. Estate worth £30 Application 24222.

QUINLAN, Timothy Alfred Francis student 27 King William Road, North Unley, changed his name to TAF Quinlan-Watson 1938 Memorial 175/512

QUINLEVAN, Michael farmer Marrabel on the Dirty Light Co Light. Hundred of Tarcowie land grant 1880[-1891] Grant Book 13 Page 47 County Dalhousie

QUINLISH, Hugh railway guard 115 George St, Thebarton linked with Patrick Quinlish formerly railway employee York township on the Port Road but now out of business Gibson St, Bowden 1952 Memorial 142/527

No 1

QUINLISH, Patrick railway employee York township on the Port Road and Maria Quinlish his wife 1924 Memorial 21/490

QUINLISH, Patrick signalman York township on the Port Road 1927, and Maria Quinlish his wife Application 27611.

QUINLISH, Patrick railway employe formerly of York on the Port Road but now of Bowden and Maria Quinlish his wife 1940 Memorial 196/514

QUINLISH, Patrick signalman 51 Gibson St, Bowden. His wife, Maria Elizabeth Quinlish, died 6/8/1952, of 5 days' congestive pneumonia and carcinoma breast, aged 73. Born Laura. Married aged 18 years. 2 sons, 4 daughters living; 1 daughter deceased Memorial 132/531

No 1

QUINLIVAN, Daniel farmer Dry Creek 1875 Memorial 57/283

QUINLIVAN, Daniel farmer Montague Farms at Dry Creek 1879 Memorial 78/313

QUINLIVAN, Daniel labourer Dry Creek, 82 years old in 1910, declared that he had lived in the area for over 50 years Application 25803.

QUINN, Albert farmer Forreston 1919 Application 26821.

QUINN, Allan wharfinger Pt Adelaide 1877 Application 16283.

QUINN, Andrew farmer Eudunda Hundred of Terowie land grant 1881 Grant Book 40 Page 16 County Kimberley

No 1

QUINN, Charles trainer Plympton 1892 Memorial 55/414

QUINN, Charles trainer formerly of Plympton but now of Ascot Vale Vic 1912 Application 26059.

QUINN, Charles horse trainer Plympton 1921 Application 27016.

QUINN, Dennis tailor Adelaide 1868 Memorial 248/227

QUINN, Frederick Gordon also known as Frederick Gordon RASHLEIGH accountant 4 Foundry St, Goodwood, changed his name to Gordon BIRRELL 1927 Memorial 54/498

No 1

QUINN, James labourer Glen Osmond 1846 Memorial 260/7

QUINN, James labourer Glen Osmond and Elizabeth Quinn his wife Gawler 1857 Memorial 180/119

No 2

QUINN, James farmer [formerly of] Yankalilla 1853[-1854] Memorial 414/63 [but now] farmer Woodside 1854 Memorial 29/63

QUINN, James farmer Woodside 1855 Memorial 404/86

QUINN, James farmer Yankalilla 1854 Memorial 156/82

No 3

QUINN, James and Thomas farmers Clare 1865 Memorial 65/207

No 4

QUINN, James farmer Hundred of Pinda 1890 Memorial 138/406

QUINN, James farmer Hammond 1897 Memorial 241/431

No 1

QUINN, John labourer Pt Adelaide 1855[-1856] Memorial 41/103

No 2

QUINN, John labourer Mintaro 1881 Memorial 106/338

QUINN, John labourer Mintaro 1882 Application 19047.

No 3

QUINN, John grocer's assistant Pt Adelaide 1894 Memorial 124/422

QUINN, John and FITZGERALD, John grocer's assistants Pt Adelaide 1895 Application 22863.

QUINN, JT undertaker Hamley Bridge 1915 Application 26479.


QUINN, Lawrence gardener Bowden 1871[-1872] Memorial 186/252

QUINN, Lawrence farmer near Williamstown 1901 Memorial 84/442

QUINN, Lawrence of Kooringa. Hundred of Hallett land grant 1881 Grant Book 8 Page 95 County Burra

QUINN, Martin gardener Glenelg, died 18/12/1936. Uncle to Bridget MCGANN and Mary KEIRIN of Gregous Ballyvanglass??, Co Clare, Ireland Memorial 171/510


QUINN, Michael labourer Kooringa. Hundred of Bright land grant 1883 Grant Book 9 Page 46 County Burra

QUINN, Michael labourer Worlds End. Hundred of Bright land grant 1885 Grant Book 9 Page 48 County Burra

QUINN, Michael farmer Willamulka 1888 Memorial 97/390

QUINN, Michael farmer Willamulka. Hundred of Kadina land grant 1894[-1915] Grant Book 14 Page 247 County Daly

QUINN, Patrick of Broken Hill NSW 1891 Memorial 94/410

QUINN, Peter farmer Hundred of Minburra 1887 Memorial 20/384

QUINN, Thomas of Kooringa. Hundred of Hallett land grant 1881 Grant Book 8 Page 95 County Burra

No 1

QUINN, William plasterer Queenstown 1856[-1859] Memorial 55/112

QUINN, William plasterer Pt Adelaide 1877 Application 15801.

No 1

QUINNELL, James tanner Adelaide 1866 Application 7119.

QUINNELL, James fruiterer Weaner Flat Hundred of Melville land grant 1873 Grant Book 19 Page 65 County Fergusson

QUINNELL, James storekeeper Weaner Flat. Hundred of Melville land grant 1874 Grant Book 19 Page 67 County Fergusson

QUINNELL, Susannah widow Yorketown Hundred of Melville land grant 1889 Grant Book 19 Page 86 County Fergusson

No 1

QUINTRELL, James teamster East Moonta 1880 Memorial 191/321

QUINTRELL, James farmer Weetulta Hundred of Tiparra 1882[-1901] Memorial 209/346

QUINTRELL, James farmer Weetulta. Hundred of Tiparra land grant 1909 Grant Book 14 Page 280 County Daly

No 1

QUINTRELL, John miner SA 1851 Memorial 115/38

QUINTRELL, John labourer North Kapunda 1851 Memorial 297/31

QUINTRELL, John of Kapunda 1857 Memorial 168/118

QUINTRELL, John farmer Section 1478 near Kapunda 1860 Memorial 305/165

No 2

QUINTRELL, John miner Copperhouse 1859 Memorial 182/161

QUINTRELL, John miner [formerly of Copperhouse but now of] Moonta 1868 Memorial 71/233

No 1

QUIRE, Ephraim farmer Langhorne Creek 1852[-1862] Memorial 68/43

QUIRE, Ephraim farmer The Bremer 1856 Langhorne Creek Wesleyan Methodist Chapel trustee Memorial 331/105

QUIRE, Ephraim farmer Langhorne Creek Hundred of Hynam land grant 1875 Grant Book 29 Page 163 County MacDonnell

No 2 - perhaps a continuation of No 1

QUIRE, Ephraim farmer near Wolseley 1902 Application 24373.

No 1

QUIRE, Ephraim Colston farmer Tatiara 1897 Memorial 108/431

QUIRE, Ephraim Colston farmer Bordertown. Hundred of Tatiara land grant 1905 Grant Book 7 Page 20 County Buckingham

QUIRE, Frank farmer Wolseley. Hundred of Tatiara land grant 1913 Grant Book 7 Page 23 County Buckingham

QUIRK, Frank Walter gentleman Milang 1887 Memorial 248/383

No 1 - perhaps the same person

QUIRK, Patrick labourer Gawler 1862 Application 3483.

QUIRK, Patrick farmer Yongala 1886 Memorial 48/376

QUIRK, Timothy farmer Two Wells Co Adelaide. Hundred of Boucaut land grant 1881 Grant Book 55 Page 38 County Stanley

No 1

QUIRKE, JC accountant Adelaide 1879 Memorial 64/317

QUIRKE, John Collins accountant Adelaide, power of attorney to Edward Pariss NESBIT solicitor Adelaide, to manage his SA business affairs 8/3/1880 Deposit 102/1880

QUIRKE, Timothy farmer Pinda 1881 Memorial 193/331

QURBAN, Ibrahim Hajj optician Rundle St, Adelaide 1917 Application 26634.

QURBAN, Martha Amy married woman Seacliff linked with Alice NORTON married woman Brighton 1923 Application 27200.

QUY, Charles Henry draper Adelaide 1849[-1854] Memorial 12/16