Early Ownership of Allotments in Hahndorf

Records for the purchase of land in South Australia are located in either the General Registry Office (Old Lands Title Office) on Marion Road at Netley or at the Lands Title Office in Grenfell St.  In 1858, the Real Property Act was passed for a system, known as Torrens Title whereby a copy of the certificate of title was given to the land holder and the second copy was retained by the Registrar General of Deeds.  This meant the transfer of land ownership (ie conveyance) was made by registration and certification rather than deed. Records prior to 1858 for land transactions are found at the General Registry Office.  Records after 1858 are held at the Lands Title Office.

The following Hahndorf allotment data was extracted from Reg Butler's unpublished computer files as at 2007.

For more up-to-date and extensive information, please access the Hahndorf Allotments Data Base computer located at The Kaffeehaus, 51 Main Street, Hahndorf.

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