Hahndorf Community Association Inc.

The Hahndorf Community Association Inc. (HCA) is an organised action group formed to promote and protect the interests of the local community of the township of Hahndorf located in the Mount Barker District of South Australia.
If you have any comments/suggestions or wish to contribute to the activities of the HCA, please contact the Secretary.

eMail:  [email protected]    WWW:  hahndorf.org.au/hca

Also, please join and contribute to our facebook community group: where items of community interest can be displayed and discussed.

Formation of Hahndorf Community Association

In early 1997, following the collapse of a Resident's Group about 20 months previously, Councillor Ralph Palesy of the Mount Barker District Council approached a number of local residents with the intention of forming the Hahndorf Community Association.  An initial meeting was held on 13 March 1997 with a steering committee comprising:  Marian Kirkwood (Chairperson), Lindsay Cremin, Robyn Snell, Kevin Hartnett, Tony Frish, Rex Kuchel and Malcolm Dobie.

At a general meeting held on 12 May 1997, the first committee was appointed consisting of:  Kevin Hartnett (Chairman), Glen Fox (Deputy Chairman), David Canty (Treasurer), and committee members Lindsay Cremin, Marian Kirkwood, Rex Kuchel, Malcolm Dobie, Robyn Snell, Egon Pedersen, and Ian Rennie  (at a later meeting Marian Kirkwood was appointed Secretary).  The inaugural meeting of the HCA committee was held on 20 May 1997 and it was agreed that the committee would meet on a monthly basis thereafter.

Initially the HCA operated under a 'Charter' which was accepted on 30 September 1997, and then became an Incorporated Association on 13 September 2002 (Registration No. A24292).

The committee involvement in the first year (1997) of operation included:

  • Entrance and Exits to Hahndorf
  • Street Signs and General Maintenance
  • Blueberry Hill (Yantaringa)
  • Trees and Playground
  • Heavy Vehicle Traffic
  • Vandalism
  • Landcare Amalgamation
  • Visions for Hahndorf

HCA's Purpose and Objects are to:

  • Provide an organisation where the interests of the local community of Hahndorf are promoted and protected.
  • Explore issues which arise from consultation with the community of Hahndorf.
  • Identify, develop and encourage activities and projects which enhance the quality of life for the local residents and visitors to Hahndorf.
  • Support and work with other key interest groups associated with Hahndorf on projects and common areas of interest which have some effect on the community.
  • Promote and support the preservation of the history and cultural heritage of Hahndorf and district.


  • All permanent residents of Hahndorf are automatically Residential Members.
  • Any permanent organisation, business, club or other association within Hahndorf is entitled to apply for Corporate Membership and to nominate an individual authorised to represent them at all meetings.
  • Any adult person not a permanent resident of Hahndorf who is considered by the Committee to have experience, knowledge and expertise that would be of benefit to the association may apply and be considered for Associate membership.

Management and Rules

Annual General Meeting:

  • The HCA Management Committee is elected at each AGM, with officers elected at the first subsequent Management Committee meeting.

  • AGM's are generally held at St Michael's Church Hall each year.

Current Management Committee:

Officers elected at the October 2019 Committee Meeting

  • Chairperson:  Malcolm Kentish

  • Vice Chairperson:  Dieter Seifert

  • Secretary:  Sue O'Brien -  email: [email protected]

  • Treasurer:  Eric Aliffe

  • Committee Members:

Management Committee Meetings:

  • HCA Management Committee meetings are held monthly (second Monday of each month at 7.30pm) currently in the Supper Room, Hahndorf Institute..

  • All Members are entitled to raise any matter with the Management Committee and attend meetings for specific purposes.

  • Only members of the Management Committee have voting rights.

Minutes of Meetings:

Copies of past  Minutes of AGM's and Committee Meetings are available for general viewing.

Constitution and Rules:

A copy of the current Constitution and Rules is available for perusal.

Projects Undertaken

Refer to HCA Projects for details of Past, Current and Proposed projects undertaken.  [Note: needs considerable updating]