Hahndorf Lions Club — 40 years!

We have recently celebrated our 40th birthday.  We have a membership of about 25 and our motto is ‘we serve’.  We have a proud history of service, ranging from providing physical assistance to those affected by the bushfires and floods in the eighties to providing funds to help fix the Institute roof.  We acquired the Community Hall for the benefit of the public;  we also help individuals with their problems – such as

Hearing Dogs for the deaf.  Lions helped to provide floodlights for the Hahndorf Oval and its latest project is to provide a walker for a seriously handicapped child.

One recent venture has been running the Swapmeet (as pictured) - the most successful yet, with the Hahndorf Oval packed with buyers and sellers.  The Swapmeet also gave opportunities for other local organisations to benefit, Naviti for instance and the local fire brigade (their profits this year went towards the flood victims).  We also ran the Hahndorf Christmas Carols.  We raise funds in many ways including Sausage Sizzles (next on April 2nd) ... to Bottle drives ... to an enormous Christmas Stocking Raffle.

As members of an international body, Lions supports a Save Sight Program run by Lions; this has saved the sight of millions across the world.  More recently money has been given towards natural disaster  areas including the recent floods in Queensland, earthquake victims in Haiti, Tsunami victims etc.

Soon Lions will be holding the annual Youth of the Year Quest where our local youth will compete to take part in a State and then National Competition to determine the Youth of the Year – this event gives young people the opportunity to experience public speaking and gain confidence in themselves. We need new members (both sexes) so if you are interested give us a call Harry Tillyer [email protected]