LOCATION:  Between 20 Main Street and Hahn Court, Hahndorf

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In conjunction with the opening of the new St Paul's Independent Living Residential Units ('Hahn Court') on 17 October 2010, a Heritage Walkway incorporated as part of the project was opened by Mark Goldsworthy MP.  The Heritage Walkway is located adjacent to 'Hahn Court' and links it to Main Street.  It is accessible to the general public via a gateway from Main Street diagonally opposite the IGA Supermarket.

The Heritage Walkway features 7 free-standing interpretive signs along its length each "Dedicated to the Early Pioneers Who Settled Hahndorf".

The detail contained within these signs incorporates help from the late EA Wittwer's writings and especially contributions by Reg Butler and Anni Luur Fox.

The titles of the signs are as follows:

  • First Sign:           'Their Predecessors - The Peramangk People'

  • Second Sign:      'Why Did They Emigrate?'

  • Third Sign:          'From Where and When Did They Leave?'

  • Fourth Sign:       'Where Should They Live?'

  • Fifth Sign:           'Hahndorf - The First Planned Settlement East of Mt Lofty'

  • Sixth Sign:           'The Schmidt-Rodert Farm'

  • Seventh Sign:     'The Market Trek to Adelaide'

The complete contents of each of the signs may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate underlined high-lighted blue sign number above.

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