'Beryl BENHAM Collection' of photographs relating to Hahndorf families.










'Love from Great & Claude, February 9, 1926'   'Edwin P. Ruge, Hill View, Summerfield'  

  'F.M. SCHUBERT, Torrens Park, Military Convalescent Home, May 1918'    


'Johann Carl Friedrich F. married Johanne Eleanore LEBELT, their son Nicolaus Friedrich Carl FAEHRMANN 'Fritz' married Mary Jane JONES they had 3 children the eldest was Johann Carl Friedrich (Charlie a school teacher) he married Ida Johanne PAECH they had1 child.  Friedrich Alfred also a school teacher, he married Margaret NISBETT, they have 3 children Robyn, Carolyn & Shayne.  Second child of Fritz was Emma Jane she died in 1925 at the age of 24 years. Third child was Catherine Eleonore (Laura) she married Arthur Jeffrey ROSE they had 2 children Albert James (Jim) & Beryl. Jim married Eleanore COOK they have 3 children Geoffrey James, Gayle Kay & Jamie Lee.  Beryl married William Douglas Bert they have 2 children. Jennie Heather & Josephine Anne. Josephine married Robert Prior SMITH & had one child Jodie Lee since been divorced.



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