LOCATION:   100b Main Street, Hahndorf

All Lyndoch Lavender Products

Closed 2013 - goto Poet's Ode - Hahndorf The Lavender Shop, in a beautiful original historic Hahndorf building at 100 Main Street is part of the Award Winning Lyndoch Lavender Farm.   Featured is an expansive collection of Lavender, herbal and creative products including body and home care products, linen and homewares, essential oils, gourmet Lavender products, unique arts and crafts and a room devoted to local art.

The Lavender Shop - Hahndorf provides visitors and lavender lovers with access to Lyndoch Lavender's wide range of beauty, body, household and culinary products.  Also available are a wide range of linens including aprons, tablecloths, table runners, tea towels and bedspreads and more ...

The Lavender Shop is also proud to display and be involved, in our designated viewing room, arts by the Gawler Art Society and events such as the SALA Festival.  Refer to the news for more information.

Open 7 days a week from 10.00am to at least 3.00pm.

So Why Visit Us?

  • We are close to the City of Adelaide and accessable by public transport 
  • You can access all of Lyndoch Lavender's products
  • You'll be visiting a building with historical significance in Hahndorf
  • It's the chance to be introduced to the award winning Lyndoch Lavender Farm & Cafe in the beautiful Barossa Region.

The Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is renown for its therapeutic benefits, particularly as an aid to Relaxation.  It may be used in numerous forms and is the foundation of the Lyndoch Lavender range of products.
Lavender has been used for its antibacterial, antifungal, muscle relaxing, sedative, and anti-depressive properties, and is effective as a calming, soothing treatment of burns and insect bites.


The Lavender Shop has been in Hahndorf for several years now and offers a wonderful array of all things lavender from oils, soaps and creams to lavender flavoured foods and teas.  I was interested to find out all the benefits of lavender which range from its antiseptic uses, anti-fungal (great for cleaning) but also its usefulness in regards to burns, scratches and cuts - also keeping moths away and taking the sting out of 'mozzie' bites!  Some will find the anti-inflammatory uses beneficial and, of course, lavender is particularly calming and helpful for sleeping and headaches.
There is a wonderful range of products which use all of these properties so it is easy to find something which will be a great gift - such as the lavender wheat bags, massage oils, facial products, lip balms and aromatherapy oils.  Apart from the lavender range there is a complete room next door (including the passage way) full of different linen items.  These range from beautiful table cloths, quilts, bed throws, pillows, aprons and matching kitchen linens, soft toys - not to mention the delightful lavender embroidered items.  This shop is a must see  on the local scene.  All the lavender products are made by the owner and are sourced from their property in Lyndoch.
(The Random Shopper - Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Issue No 32, 2012)