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Adelaide Hills - Early History and People

A substantial portion of the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki contains information related to the early history of the Region and information concerning those persons who contributed to the early development and establishment of South Australia with particularly reference to the Adelaide Hills Region.

To enable a broad over-view of this information and links to access further appropriate Menus and Headers, a separate overall Menu is available.

To Locate Existing Content

Existing content can be located and accessed a number of ways including the following:

  • Use the   [ Search Adelaide Hills ] box at the top LH side of each page to search the whole Adelaide Hills LocalWiki site for any specific information desired.  This will provide a list of all pages containing the information requested.
  • Use the adjacent 'Main Category Tags' column and click on the "tag" item to obtain a list of all pages tagged with the item selected.  Refer to the Page Category Menu below for further information.
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  • Click on the [ Explore ] tab alongside 'Adelaide Hills' at the top of any page to see listing of pages to explore.  Then, if desired, click on [ Start tour ] at the top centre of the page for an automatic random scroll through all existing pages.

Page Category Menu

Page Indexes are based on the use of page "tags" which are located at the bottom of each page.  This system relies on the correct "tag/s" being applied at the bottom of each page and must be used for the system to work.  A list of the main "tags" used is listed in the adjacent column. 

The method used for page tagging in the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki follows the format  -  ( Specific Town/s tag ]   ( Main Category tag ]   ( Supplementary tag/s ]  For example an actual page tag could be  -   ( Hahndorf ]   ( History & Heritage ]   ( Historic Property - Hahndorf ]

If any tag at the bottom of any page is clicked, then a list of all pages containing that tag will be displayed.  A list of all tags currently in use is available.

To Contribute Content

If you're interested in getting more involved with this community project or wish to add your own pages, please check out the LocalWiki Guide  which provides help and guidance, including a detailed guide on how to contribute and/or edit content.  Anyone can contribute to the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki provided they are logged-in.  Just click [Edit] at the top of any page and jump in.  Please read our Introduction to get started or just browse around and enjoy.

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  • To create a new page, type a page name into the search box and press Search or create page.
  • Need help? ... Please see the help page on the LocalWiki Guide!
  • Also have a look at the Tutorial page which guides you through creating a new page.

Some Pages of Interest

Some existing pages of possible interest are listed below:

Main Page Tags

The following lists the Main "tags' included at the bottom of pages in the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki.  Clicking on any particular item will give a list of all pages with that "tag".



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