Main Street - Properties of Historical Interest

Listed below are links to some of the properties located in the Main Street, Hahndorf that have particular historical interest.  Also included, where available, in the property page is the relevant 'Allotments Database' information as compiled by Reg Butler (local historian), and any relevant Heritage Listing Information obtained from Mt Barker Council DP - Local and State Heritage Places (24 October 2013) and other sources.  Also individually available is information regarding the History of Main Street itself.

Other links for Hahndorf properties of Historic Interest apart from Main Street are covered in Victoria Street and Other Properties.

Properties on Main Street, Hahndorf - (adapted from Hahndorf Tourism Brochure 2013)

Main Street No Property Reference Name and Link Database Ref. SA Heritage ID Local Heritage NR
1 Schach Cottage   SHR 13134 16160
10 St Paul's Lutheran Church NH235 SHR 13133 16161
13 Kaesler Brothers Engine & Coach Works SH43    
20 Schmidt-Rodert Farmlet NH222/223 SHR 21250 20498
19, 21, 23, 25 & 27 Martin's Wheelwright Shop, House & Cottage SH41    
29 Humpsch's Shoemaker Shop SH40    
34 Rodert's Cottage and Mortuary NH98 SHR 10505 16162
35d Hahndorf Inn Hotel SH39 SHR 13135 16163
35b Borchers Blacksmith Shop SH39    
36 Shop (former Morgue) NH98 SHR 10506 16164
41 Hahndorf Community Hall SH37    
44 & 46 Australian Arms Hotel (former) NH94 & NH95 SHR 10510 16165
47 Jaensch House and Shop SH20 SHR 13137 16166
50 Bom's Monumental Marble Works NH94    
51 Christoph's House and Shop SH19 SHR 10489 16167
53 Habich's House SH18    
55 Habich Cottage SH18 SHR 13139 16168
54 & 56 Jaeschke and Linke Cottages NH93 & NH92    
57 Hahndorf Post Office SH17    
59 Hahndorf Memorial Institute SH16    
63 Baumann's House and Store SH13    
64 Old Lutheran School NH89    
68 Hahndorf Academy NH87 SHR 10490 16169
69 German Arms Hotel SH11 SHR 13140 16170
70 Pioneer Memorial Gardens SH10    
72 Sonnemann's Bakery NH29    
71-75 Haebich's Blacksmith Shop and Cottages SH10 SHR 10508 16171
77 Jaensch Butcher Shop (former) SH9    
80-82 Original Site of German Arms Hotel NH26    
84 Dwelling (former Jaensch Cottage) NH25 SHR 13141 16172
85 Wittwer's House (Detmold) SH7 SHR 13143 16173
90 Wotzke Cottage NH24 SHR 13142 16174
98 Hahndorf Old Mill NH22    
100 Thiele's Shop and Residence NH21    
102 Thiele's Cottage (former) NH20 SHR 13144 16175
106 Faehrmann's House NH19    
108 Faehrmann's Cottage NH18    

Sources and Further Information

Additional information regarding the creation and evolution of Hahndorf's streetscape can be obtained from Reg Butler's publication - 'From Byways to Highways - Hahndorf's Changing Streetscape'.

Please note that information sources for all properties referenced include:

  • The Hahndorf Allotments Database, by Reg Butler

  • The publication-'HAHNDORF, A Journey Through the Village and its History', by Anni Luur Fox

  • Other publications and sources including personal anecdotal information, newspaper reports and letters.