Today, the town of Mount Torrens is is much as it was early in the century.  Developed largely at the hands of the Dunn family, by the early 1840s a complex of buildings existed just west of the present main street - farmhouse, smithy, stables and the Cornish Arms Inn.  Designed to serve the traffic to the Reedy Creek Mine near Palmer, it was augmented by traffic from a nearby copper mine.

Mount Torrens proper was laid-out in 1853.  This was the year steam navigation began on the Murray.  The town's  heyday was the late 19th century, and by World War I its importance was diminishing.

There are many 19th century structures still standing on the main street of the town.  There are 19th century homes, an old stone warehouse, an old cobblers shop (now a private residence) and a range of business premises - a former smithy, shop, wheel-wright, coach house and more.  The historic vision of Mount Torrens extends beyond the main street and rewards a quiet stroll.

Mount Torrens and District Community Assoc.

The Mt Torrens & Districts Community Association encourages preservation of the town’s historic buildings, sites and environs, while improving the amenities for local residents.  Please access via the links below:

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