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This project began in March 2021 and is a work in progress.  It is primarily for the purpose of displaying a collection of over three hundred photographs owned by John MUELLER of Paechtown, near Hahndorf, South Australia.

This is one of several pages in the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki which will eventually display all of the photographs in the 'John MÜLLER Collection'.  Also included is additional information related to the individuals and families associated with the photos as compiled from various sources by the author.

 If you have original or copies of photographs of any of the folk related to our ancestors below (before 1920, house, farm or folk etc) an opportunity to photograph or scan them would be really appreciated.  This is the same for artefacts, books, Bibles or memorabilia that has been passed down from those early years.  Nothing needs to leave your home, and with your agreement they can be shared on these websites for all to enjoy. 

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John MUELLER'S historic photographs: PIETSCH & BRAENDLER descendants

Index and Family Information

Augustus 'Guido' BRAENDLER

  • 5th child of:  J Caroline Louise PAECH and Augustus Guido BRAENDLER:

Gottlieb Christoph BRAENDLER (1881-1946)

  • 8th child of:  J Caroline Louise PAECH and Augustus Guido BRAENDLER:

Friedrich Benjamin BRAENDLER (1887-1962)

  • 5th child of:  Philippine PIETSCH and Johann Joseph BRAENDLER:


Friedrich Wilhelm BRAENDLER

  • 2nd child of:  Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' BRAENDLER and Alma Ottilie GREGOR:


  • 4th child of:  Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER:

Emilie Selma BRAENDLER (1881-1964)

  • 6th child of:  J Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER:

Louise Alma BRAENDLER(1888-1956)


PJA BRAENDLER Wedding ?? who is this



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The arrival of our PIETSCH/BRAENDLER ancestors on the Adele, 1856.

Philippine PIETSCH (1819ca-1890) born Breslau, Prussia, died Monarto, South Australia, married in Prussia Johann 'Joseph' BRAENDLER (1812-1907) born Fuerstenau nr Breslau, Silesia, Prussia, died Monarto, South Australia.  

37 year old Phillippine and 42year old Joseph were on the Danish ship, Adele, with 6 children aged 13-infant.

Ship's List Adele 1856

Leaving Hamburg on 1 June they arrived Port Adelaide 14 September 1856. (Ships List www)

Reg Butler, A College in the Wattles "Joseph BRAENDLER .... a brewer from the Oder-side village of Nimkowitz in Silesia.... brought his family to SA .... to farm at Balhannah and later Monarto."

Two more children were born in 1861 and 1863 after arrival, a total of 4 girls, 4 boys born between 1843-1863.  Two of their sons, Guido and Paul married the sisters Caroline & Martha PAECH from Paechtown, in 1869 and 1874 respectively.

  •   Augustus 'Guido' (1843-1925), 13yrs old on Adele, married 6 August 1869, St Michael's, Hahndorf, 'Johanna' Caroline Louise PAECH (1848-1924)   -   [PHOTOS BELOW]
  •  'Ewald' Carl Paul (1844-1873) 12yrs old on Adele, married 20 February 1873, St Peter, Callington,  Johanne  Wilhelmine Martha TEPPER (1853-1932) b Steinau/Oder, Kreis Wohlau, Silesia, Prussia. 
  •   Johanne 'Emilie' (1846-1916) 9yrs old on Adele, married 23 September 1867, St Michale's, Hahndorf,  Johann Christoph LIEBELT (1842-1925).   'Headstone Confirms Steinau / Oder, Kreis Wohlau, Silesia, Prussia. ?"
  •  'Anna Augusta' (1848-1934) 6yrs old on Adele, married 29 October 1874, St Peter, Callington,  August Wilhelm Philip BAUM (1838-1922) (First married 21 August 1862, Ev Lutheran Chapel Salem, Nr Callington to Johanne Dorothea THISK.
  •  'Paul' (1850-1937) 4yrs old on Adele, married 8 July 1874, St Michael's, Hahndorf,  Johanna Martha PAECH (1854-1939)   -   [PHOTOS BELOW]
  •  Josepha 'Mari (1856-1929) an 'infant' on Adele, married 3 October 1878, at Joseph BRAENDLER's residence, Monarto,  Diedrich STEIN
  •  Johanne Elspeth (1861-1864) 1st child born in S.A., cannot find birth details on SAGHS,  Died of 'Scarlatina', 3yrs 10months old, BURIED
  •  Carl August 'Charlie' (1863-1933) born Balhannah, SA, married 22 June 1896, at Joseph BRAENDLER's residence, Monarto,  Anna Pauline SCHUBERT (1872-1903)

NOTE: Philippe and Joseph must have been living at Monarto between at least 1878-1896 when two of their children married in their Monarto residence.

The 'Wilhelmine' arriving early on 1st October 1855, carried a PIETSCH family of five, who could possibly have been related.

An article researched & kindly provided by Val BRAENDLER

(ggg granddaughter of Philippine & Joseph)

"Johann Joseph BRAENDLER was born in Preichau (now Przychowa, in the District of Gmina Scinawa, Poland) on 16 March 1812, according to the Mount Barker Courier obituary notice on 1 March 1907, and died on 20 February 1907.  Joseph Braendler and his wife Philippine (formerly PIETSCH) emigrated to South Australia in 1856 with their six children: Guido 13, Ewald 11, Emilie 9, Anna 7, Paul 4 and their baby Maria.  Their last two children, Elisabeth, who died at 3 years of scarlet fever, and Carl, born deaf, arrived later at their Monarto farm, 'Rosedale'.

​According to Joseph's naturalisation certificate, the family came from the small farming village of Fuerstenau (now known by its Polish name of Milin) near the large city of Breslau (now Wroclaw) on the River Oder, in the Province of Lower Silesia.  The open, flat very fertile plains of the 'Prussian granary' of Lower Silesia are similar to the Monarto plains near the River Murray, so our BRAENDLER forebears may have felt very much at home in South Australia, even though their land may not have been as productive as Silesia's rich soils.

Our family chose to come to Australia for different reasons to the original German settlers who had suffered persecution for their religious beliefs in the 1830's under King Frederick Wilhelm 111, till his death in 1840, and his successor, Frederick Wilhelm IV.  The LIEBELT and HARTMANN family histories, located in the State Library, and others give thorough accounts of the religious repression these fundamentalist Lutherans, of their emigration to South Australia in 1838, and of their settlement in Hahndorf and the Barossa Valley.  Joseph and Philippine were part of an unprecedented wave in the 1850-1859 era of well over one million Germans, more than double that in the 1840's, who decided to move to more liberal countries such as America, Canada and Australia.  All were in search of more freedom, happiness and individual self determination, both politically and economically than an increasingly rigid militaristic German state would offer. 

Joseph and Philippine, who married in the early 1840's, had survived the devastating harvest failures and widespread European famine of 1846-47, during which thousands of poor Germans starved to death, hunger revolts were harshly suppressed, and many emigrated in order to survive.  The following 1848 uprisings by newly elected liberals and democrats were particularly proactive in Breslau, which had become the centre of the German Liberation Movement.  Liberalists demanding a stable and united democratic government were strongly repressed by Frederick Wilhelm IV's reactionary forces.  

Many disillusioned academics and master craftsmen such as Carl LINGER (musician/composer), Richard SCHOMBURGK (botanist) and Carl MUECKE (pastor, educationalist) migrated to Adelaide in 1849 under the Berlin Emigration Society scheme.  At this time the new industrial revolution was also causing severe hardship amongst traditional craftsmen losing their trades to manufacturing industries, such as the famed Silesian weavers losing their home-based craft to new woollen factories, in rapidly growing cities.  The discovery of incredibly rich deposits of gold in Australia and California increased investors' capital wealth in those German cities.  A golden era of industrial boom saw rural societies left in increasing poverty, and their social fabric disintegrating s country folk then shifted to the cities for work.  Joseph trade was listed as brewer and distiller on emigration, an indication that he was one of the displaced farming population, as he soon took up farming once in Australia.  

The BRAENDLER's would have been most concerned that their children's future looked grim if choosing to remain in Silesia.  Family legend has it that Joseph's younger brother was sent on a mission around the world: to California, Canada, and South Australia, to determine which society promised the best future for the BRAENDLER family. While no record of his arrival in Adelaide has been found, he obviously visited the Hahndorf settlement, then established for over fifteen years, and highly recommended its potential to his brother.  Legend also says that he was killed by a falling tree while here.  

Joseph and Philippine may also have been influenced by Johann KULVER's popular 'Colonial Experiences', an account of his year in South Australia which was widely circulated throughout Germany when he returned home. While records show that other BRAENDLERS families (also perhaps under the name of BRENDLER) chose to migrate to Russia, Canada and the USA (Ohio, Wisconsin and Louisiana), in the 1850's, Joseph and his family were the only BRAENDLERS who decided to come to Australia.  They left behind a Prussia which was soon to become a powerful nation-state under BISMARCK's rule of 'iron and blood', rather than one espousing the freely determined votes and speeches aspired to in the 1848 revolution.  

​We descendants can be grateful that our forebears chose to emigrated to a society which has always adhered to such democratic ideals.  The former Breslau rural area still appears very much as it would have 150 years ago, apart from farm mechanisation.  In 1980, labourers still harvested manually in the fields, and animals were kept close to farmhouses with steep high pitched snow roofs.  The beautiful fortress city of Breslau (now Wroclaw in Poland), has been rebuilt since being besieged and heavily bombarded by the 6th Army Soviet troops for four months in 1945, and is now a commercial centre of over 650,000.

All German citizens were expelled when eastern German boundaries were redrawn to be part of Poland.  Poland was assigned to Russia by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference at the end of WWII.  However, Russian Communist rule ended in 1990, with much freer conditions for travellers, so a visit to our forebears' home territory is highly recommended.  Fuerstenau is now known by its Polish name of Milin (in the Municipality of Mietkuw) and is situated in the Landscape Park "Valley Bystzycy" in Wroclaw.  Much of the village was destroyed by fire in 1824, but was rebuilt.  In 1254, the original village of Stros (meaning 'watchtower') was renamed Furstenow in 1297.  

According to Wikipedia, it was a market town under Henry III, duke of Wroclaw.  By 1795, the village of renamed Fuerstenau, which means 'princely cornfield', had a Renaissance palace built in 1750.  It was surrounded by a moat and built on a horse-shoe plan.  It was then an elementary school, and has now become private apartments.  Other landmarks see are the Kosciul parish church, Mihal Arnhaniola, was built in the 14th century, was partly destroyed by fire in a war, then restored several times, and also the monument to St John of Nepamuk.  Having travelled to Wroclaw, I found it a beautiful old German like city on a wide river, but with typically ugly Communist-built tower apartments on sites bombed during WWII.  Most historical records were also destroyed, so a search for family information may prove difficult.

Josepha dn Philippine certainly made a wise choice to migrate away from what would have been the certainty of a sad and poverty-stricken life for we descendants had they stayed.  Joseph and Philippine left Hamburg on 1st June 1856 in the small ship 'Adele', a Danish vessel of 450 tons, captained by JF MUELLER, following a Southeast Asian sea route to Manilla in the Philippines before heading to Sydney and Port Adelaide.  They disembarked on 14th September 1856 after a voyage of 106 days, which was at least two months faster than the original settlers' voyages in 1838.

The 'Adele' was managed by a crew of 25.  Amongst its 121 passengers were 11 German families and over 30 young single men, possibly displaced farmers, but more likely draft dodgers from compulsory military service.  We have no account of life on board the Adele but believe it would have been similar to that of the 'Steinward' which left Hamburg six months previously with 106 passengers.  One traveller, Dr BRAUER, wrote that meals were cooked for the passengers, with sauerkraut, potatoes and pickled meat forming the main menu."The lack of (fresh) vegetables were the cause of scurvy, a diseased state of the blood with swollen gums, loose teeth, liver spots and prostration, attacking sailors and people who fed on salt meat and lacked vegetables". The dangers of sea life!

Typical rations for each adult were as followers: Mondays: 1/2 lb (about 400gms) of pickled pork, sauerkraut and potatoes. Tuesdays: 1/2 lb pickled beef, legumes (dried peas, beans or lentils).  Wednesdays: fish, legumes and potatoes.  Thursdays: 1/2 lb pickled beef, rice with syrup and raisins. Fridays: 1/2 lb pickled pork, legumes and potatoes.  Saturdays: pearl barley with syrup and dried fruit.  Sundays, however, were worth waiting for: 1/2 lb pickled beef, 1/2 lb flour (for a pudding) and dried fruit, and a bottle of wine for 8 persons.  

​Joseph resumed his former trade in taking a position as publican st the Balhannah Hotel soon after their arrivals hill settling his family in Balhannah.  He soon purchased a property near the present Balhannah railway station.  He later sold this property for a good price to the government for a railway line to go through to Melbourne. He then appears to have taken the opportunity in a free country to buy his own farming land as his forebears had in Germany.  Joseph farmed for 10 years in the Onkaparinga Valley, planting his paddocks mainly to wheat, and also had a bakery in Mt Barker, purchasing processed flour from WITTWER's Mill at Hahndorf.  The BRAENDLER family would have known many locals at Hahndorf.


1st child of:  Philippine PIETSCH and Johann Joseph BRAENDLER:

Augustus 'Guido' BRAENDLER

50 years of marriage Johanna PAECH (1848-1924) aged 69 years andPhoto at right: 1919 Golden Wedding

(vbraendler, family tree):      Standing: Benjamin (8th child), Paul (1st child), Christof (5th child), Alfred, Martha (KUCHEL) (9th child).  Seated: Arthur (3rd child), Guido (father), Johanna (mother), Ida (HARTMANN) (2nd child).   Missing is 8,1,5,9,3,2. NO 4, NO 6 No 7  CHECK "? was this taken at Friedrichstadt about 4kms from Hahndorf, as the barn looks the same.  Guido and Caroline would have been living there, having moved from Monarto in the 1890's, Ben (BRAENDLER) later inherited this farm"

Guido BRAENDLER (1843-1925),  aged ..... 

  • Caroline, 19 years and Guido, 26 years of age, married 6 August 1869 at St Michael's Church Hahndorf.
  • Johanna Caroline Louise PAECH eldest of four daughters to Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ (1825-1897) and Johann Gottlob PAECH (1824-1912) of Paechtown.
  • Johanna PAECH is holding flowers and has a 'special' hat on her head, second from right.  second from left Guido BRAENDLER.  Possibly with their 5 sons and 2 daughters.

There were 8 BRAENDLER children, 3 girls and 5 boys.

Their eldest daughter, Anna Pauline died 12 August 1919, 43yrs of age.

Two of their sons, J Paul Albert and Friedrich Benjamin BRAENDLER married the sisters Clara & Ottilie LIEBELT from ............ in 1909 and 1913 respectively.

Same celebration photo as above, 1919. Note: Same roof line as above photo.

  • Alfred 'Paul' (1873-1944) born Monarto, SA, married 30 October 1895, Lutheran Church Monarto, to Edith Hannah THOMAS (1873-1934)
  • Anna Pauline 'Ida' (1876-1919) born Monarto, SA, married 21 February 1895, Monarto Church by Pastor ALPERS, to Johann Friedrich 'Wilhelm' HARTMANN (1865-1949)
  • Edward 'Arthur' (1878-1966) born Monarto, SA, married 6 February 1908, St Michael's Church, Hahndorf by Pastor A BRAUER, to Anna 'Henriette' Adelheid LIEBELT (1876-1964).  
  • Louisie 'Martha' (1879-1944) born Monarto, SA married 6 August 1903, Ev Lutheran St Paul Church, Hahndorf, to Gustav Adolph KUCHEL (1873-1931)
  • Gottlieb 'Christoph' (1881-1946) born Callington, SA, married 7 October 1909, St Michael Church, Hahndorf, to Florentine Gertrude LIEBELT (1889-1937)    -   [PHOTO BELOW]
  • J Paul Albert (1883-1963) born Monarto, SA, married 29 April 1909, St Michael Church Hahndorf, to Clara Alma LIEBELT (1888-1965).
  • Paulina Alma (1884-  ) born Monarto, SA.
  • Friedrich 'Benjamin' (1887-1962) born Monarto, married 22 May 1913, St Michael Church Hahndorf, to Ottilie Hulda 'Tilly' LIEBELT (1893-1974)   -   [PHOTO BELOW]


'Guido BRAENDLER, Golden Wedding

Reverse of photo on left

5th child of:  J Caroline Louise PAECH and Augustus Guido BRAENDLER:   

Gottlieb Christoph BRAENDLER (1881-1946) 

Same celebration photo as above. 1909, Wedding.Adjacent Photo's:  1909, Wedding

Reverse of photo above.Florentine Gertrude LIEBELT (1889-1937) aged 19 years married on 7 October 1909 at St Michael's Church, Hahndorf to Gottlieb Christoph BRAENDLER (1881-1946) aged 28 years,

Reverse of photo above..Florentine was the second of five children and only daughter of Ottilie ALTMANN  (1866-1939) and Johann August LIEBELT (1860-1944)




"The old homestead was added to in 1914" E.A. WITTWER & F LIEBELT, Liebelt Family History.  This home is still standing on the Hahndorf to Echunga Road. 


8th child of:  J Caroline Louise PAECH and Augustus Guido BRAENDLER:    

Friedrich Benjamin BRAENDLER (1887-1962)

PHOTO below: 1913, Wedding

Reverse of photo on left

Ottilie Hulda 'Tilly' LIEBELT (1893-1974) married on 22 May 1913 at  St Michael's Church Hahndorf, to Friedrich Benjamin BRAENDLER (1887-1962).

Ottilie was the 7th of 10 children to  Johanne SAWADE (1858-1937) and Johann Gottlieb LIEBELT (1853-1938) .

Friedrich AND Ottilie are John MUELLER's  first cousins twice removed.

All 3 photos are by Edmund DIEDERICH.

Same celebration photo as above and on the right.


PHOTO below Friedrich BRAENDLER and Ottilie LIEBELT 1927ca

'F.B. BRAENDLER family'. 


Ottilie (Tilly) and Ben had two girls, Vera Hulda b1915 and Vida Ottilie b1922.







5th child of:  Philippine PIETSCH and Johann Joseph BRAENDLER:    

Paul BRAENDLER (1850-1937)

 Photo at right: 1924, Golden Wedding.

'Mr & Mrs Paul BRAENDLER (Windmill Hill)'.

50 yrs of marriage Martha PAECH (1854-1939) aged 69 years and Paul BRAENDLER (1850-1937), aged 73 years,  

Martha, 19 years and Paul aged 23 years of age, married 8 July 1874 at St Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church by Reverend STREMPEL

Martha PAECH  third of four daughters to Johanne Eleonore SCHULZ (1825-1897) and Johann Gottlob PAECH (1824-1912) of Paechtown.

Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER had 7 children between 1875-1891, 3  girls and 4 boys.

  • Bertha Pauline Hulda  (1875-  ) born Friedrichstadt, married 23 April 1896, Ev Luth Church, Hahndorf to Friedrich Wilhelm Benjamin NITSCHKE (..........)

  • Hugo Arthur  (1876-1967) born nr Hahndorf,  married 4 September 1902, St Michael Church, Hahndorf to Louise Hulda LIEBELT (1877-1946)

  • Freidrich Wilhelm 'Bill' (1878-1964) born Hahndorf, married 13 February 1906, St Michael Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, to Alma Ottilie GREGOR (1880-1957)   -   DAUGHTERS PHOTO BELOW.

  • Emilie Selma (1881-1964) born nr Hahndorf, married 6 May 1909 St Paul Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, Alfred Robert Julius RODERT (1881-1962)   -   PHOTO BELOW

  • Edward Otto (1884) born nr Hahndorf, married ???

  • Louise Alma (1888-1956) born Wind Mill Hill, Nairne, married 25 June 1908, St Paul Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, to Bernhardt Albert PAECH 1879-1943.   -  PHOTO BELOW

  • Adolph Alfred Edwin (1891) born Wind Mill Hill, Nairne, married............

 Same celebration photo as above, 1924

Paul BRAENDLER Golden Wedding


Reverse of Photo on left.

Johanna Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER with family and friends on their Golden Wedding.





Same celebration photo as above, 1924

Reverse of Photo on left. 'Paul BRAENDLER, Windmill Hill.' 

Johanna Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER possibly with their four daughters and four sons.

"Paul had all of his education at the Hahndorf Academy and for a time became an ostler at the King of Hanover Hotel in Rundle St., an important gathering place for Adelaide's Germans.  Mine host was Adolph BARTEL, later Mayor of Adelaide and father-in-law to Sir Hans HEYSEN. In 1873, Paul married school chum Martha PAECH and came into possession of a magnificent property formerly belonging to Mrs TW BOEHM's father Gottfried DOLLING, on the slopes of Windmill Hill near Hahndorf.  This estate, Paul aptly named 'Model Farm'.  To and from school, College schoolboys had many adventures with the BRAENDLER's bull on alert at the homestead gate.  Paul and his large family took an active part in community affairs, particularly with the Lutheran Church and the local Agricultural Society".  Reg Butler College in the Wattles, Reg Butler p270.


Information: Johanne Martha PAECH (1854-1939)

"Pastor Fritzsche baptised Martha shortly after her birth.  Following a Hahndorf Academy education (1860's), Martha married Monarto farmer and former school chum Paul BRAENDLER. For a year the young couple lived at Monarto and then with Martha's father at Paechtown, before taking up the former DOLLING farm on Windmill Hill.  Martha raised a family of four sons and four daughters.  An expert cook and housekeeper, she instilled in her children the same careful principles which led to her own success.  The  BRAENDLER's took a sincere interest in the affairs of their Lutheran Church.  They were privileged to celebrate their diamond wedding shortly before Paul died.  In good health until just prior to her own death, Martha survived her elder sister Johanne MUELLER by only a couple of months." Reg Butler, A College in the Wattles, p400.

3rd Child of Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER

Freidrich Wilhelm 'Bill' BRAENDLER (1878-1964)


"After studies at Hahndorf Public School and Hahndorf College (1893) Wilhelm went primary school teaching for a time but then took up a farm near Nairne, which he ran with great success.  Bill also went out shearing on neighbouring properties, his knowledge in great demand ..... he married Alma GREGOR, a cook at Hahndorf College.  Her mother, nee Louise KUCHEL, was a grand daughter of Georg KUCHEL, whose family first settled in Hahndorf town allotment on which the Academy was finally established in 1857."  Reg Butler, A College in the Wattles, page 270.

3rd child of: Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER 

Friedrich Wilhelm BRAENDLER

Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' BRAENDLER (1878-1964) at 27 years of age, married 13 February 1906, at St Michael Lutheran Church Hahndorf to Alma Ottilie GREGOR aged 25 years of age.   Alma was the 10th and last child of Johanna Louise KUCHEL (1840-1922) and Eduard David Gregor (1835-1910).  They had two daughters Ella Eveyline (1910-1980) and Mavis Ada (1913-  )

"After studies at Hahndorf Public School and Hahndorf College (1893) Wilhelm went primary school teaching for a time but then took up a farm near Nairne, which he ran with great success.  Bill also went out shearing on neighbouring properties, his knowledge in great demand ..... he married Alma GREGOR, a cook at Hahndorf College.  Her mother, nee Louise KUCHEL, was a grand daughter of Georg KUCHEL, whose family first settled in Hahndorf town allotment on which the Academy was finally established in 1857."  Reg Butler, A College in the Wattles, page 270.Johann Georg KUCHEL (1783ca-1845)

2nd child of:  Friedrich Wilhelm 'Bill' BRAENDLER and Alma Ottilie GREGOR:    


PHOTO: Mavis Ada BRAENDLER, 1916.



4th child of:  Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER:     

Emilie Selma BRAENDLER (1881-1964)

 PHOTO below:  1909, Wedding                                                                                                                                

Reverse of photo on left

Emilie Selma BRAENDLER (1881-1964) married on 6 May 1909 at St Paul Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf, to Alfred Robert Julius RODERT (1881-1962).  

Alfred's parents were Helene Tell 'Ida" WILLEMER (1848-1921) and Heinrich Julius RODERT (1840-1906). 

Emilie Selma BRAENDLER is a first cousin twice removed to John MUELLER.


6th child of:  J Martha PAECH and Paul BRAENDLER:     

Louise Alma BRAENDLER, (1888-1956)

 PHOTO below:  1908, Wedding.  

Reverse of photo on left                                                                      

Louise Alma BRAENDLER (1888-1956) 20 years of age, married Bernhard Albert PAECH (1879-1943) aged 28 years of age on 25 June 1908, St Paul Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf.

Bernhardt  is the 4th son of Johanna Louise LIEBELT (1850-1917) and Johann Traugott PAECH (1849-1929)





Unknown males at a BRAENDLER wedding

'BRAENDLER wedding'

Reverse of photo on left


Photo by Edmund DIEDERICH





PJA BRAENDLER Wedding ?? who is this

Reverse of photo on left P.J.A. BRAENDLER wedding. (?N.J.A.)








Johann Georg KUCHEL (1783ca-1845) and Anna Dorothea SEIFFERT (1787ca-1860)

Summary: Johann Georg KUCHEL (1783ca-1845) married Anna Dorothea SEIFFERT (1787ca-1860), both were from Langmeil, (now Okunin, Poland) Brandenburg, Prussia and both died at 'Kirchenbergen', 2miles SE of the Hahndorf village. Georg lived 7 years in S.A. before his death and Anna, 22 years. They both arrived on the Prince George in 1838, along with their 3 sons.

The eldest of their children was Johann 'Gottfried' Erdmann KUCHEL and he arrived 7 years later with his wife, his first cousin, Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth KUCHEL and by then they had 4 children.  The eldest of their 10 children was Johanna 'Louise' KUCHEL (1840-1922) born Lochow, Brandenburg, Prussia. This photo below is her with her husband and  (possibly) 9 of her 10 children.

Eldest child of: Johann 'Gottfried' Erdmann KUCHEL and Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth KUCHEL :

Louise KUCHEL and Eduard GREGOR

 Photo's below: 1909, Golden Wedding, 

Reverse of photo on left1909, Golden Wedding,

50 years of marriage Louise KUCHEL (1840-1922) aged.... and Eduard GREGOR  (.   ) aged ....Louise, 20 years and Eduard aged 23 year of aged, married 26 May 1859, Ev Lutheran Church, Hahndorf.

Same Photo as above.Louise KUCHEL and Eduard GREGOR had 10 children between 1861-1880, 7 girls and 3 boys.

  • Wilhelmine Henrietta (1861-1945)
  • Carl Charles August Lebrecht (1863-)
  • Maria Louise (1865-1953)
  • Friedrich Wilhelm (1868-1919)
  • Johanne Louisa (1870-1947)
  • Gottlieb Eduard (1872-1951)
  • Lydia Elizabeth (1873-1957)
  • Emma Dorothea (1876-1928)
  • Anna Auguste (1878-  )
  • Alma Ottilie (1880-1957)   -   DAUGHTERS PHOTO BELOW


 ? Golden Wedding  Gregors








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