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Nairne in South Australia, Australia is a small township and one of Adelaide Hills oldest towns.  It is located about 7 km from Mount Barker and has a population of 4,417 according to the 2011 census.   Nairne was founded in 1839 by Matthew Smillie, the first sheep farmer east of the Mount Lofty Ranges. The town was named by Matthew Smillie after the maiden name of his wife, Elizabeth Corse Nairne who he had married in Scotland.  Matthew and his family built their home "The Valleys" in 1844 where he lived until his death in 1847.  He is buried in the Nairne Cemetery

Nairne was built on a foundation of firsts.  John Dunn built SA's first flour mill in 1841 at Hay Valley, along the Nairne-Woodside Road.  Amos Howard discovered  subterranean clover, later to become Australia's premier stock feed, at the base of a slope near Bald Hills Road in 1889.  The hills first agricultural show was held in Nairne in March 1847.  It was transferred to Mount Barker the following year, where it has since remained. 

Initially an agricultural area and a renowned wheat district, Nairne was transformed by the railway line in the early 1880's along with Chapman's factory and other ventures such as a tannery, saw mills, mining and smelting works, hotels, butchers, carriers, etc

Bypassed by the freeway, Nairne has retained its stone village charm and attracts both permanent residents and a wide range of visitors.

(Information extracted from: 'Nairne - An Historic Walking Tour')


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