LOCATION:   100b Main Street, Hahndorf

Mobile:   0400 420 418

Open:   Monday 10.00am-3.00pm   Thurs – Fri 10.00am - 4.00pm   Sat – Sun 11.00am - 4.00pm

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The Random Shopper - Gail Vort-Ronald:  Hahndorf Village Voice, Spring Issue No 39, 2014

This interesting shop features both a retail shop and tea rooms.  Owned by Scout and Ali and wonderfully situated in Thiele’s old home in the Main Street, the shop has been sympathetically repainted and furnished with a range of interesting reclaimed furniture pieces.  The walls and the ceilings of the building are worth a look just in themselves.

The aim of the business is to support ethically-made and sourced goods both from local producers and from overseas.  The owners feel very strongly about being part of the global artisan market.  The focus is on handcrafted, organic and natural products that feature simple classic designs; pieces that will be heirlooms of the future.

Their displays feature lifestyle and home goods, children’s apparel and select pantry products such as honey and tea.  In the near future they will be opening up a second space within the building to house women’s clothing and accessories.

The space will continually be evolving with ‘one of a kind items and artists’ works’ creating a new feel seasonally.  The shop also features knitting classes using chunky spun Merino wool.  These classes have produced scarves, mats and blankets and are great fun for all, especially those who have not knitted before.

There will be welcoming events to Poet's Ode in the form of live music, exhibitions and workshops and, of course, poetry.

Why not pop in and have a browse or sign up for a fun night learning to knit with the wonderfully silky merino wool.