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Steamer Amalfi -

22 passengers from Hamburg 18/4/1884

Captain:  BEHNKE


ANHUTH, Eugen B Max (//c1862-//). Storekeeper from Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany.

EDLESFSEN, Franz Ludwig (//c1862-//). Manufacturer from Robenkirchen??, Silesia??, Prussia, Germany.

EGGERT, Carl Richard Walter (//c1858-//)

GAEBEL, VIctor BH (//c1867-//)

HELL, Wilhelm G (//c1856-//). Carpenter from Hamburg, Germany.

HELL, Georg Matthes (//c1852-//)

HELL, Mrs GM nee Johanne Mathilde BORMANN (//c1859-//)

HELL, Maria (//c1882-//)

HELL, Anna Luise (//c1883-//)

HELL, Eduard (//c1883-//)

HOLWEDE, Wilhelm Carl H (//c1861-//). From Wolfenbüttel, DG Brunswick, Germany.

KANTELBERG, Albert Hermann (//c1854-//). From Popethan, Prussia, Germany.

KREUTZFELDT, Johannes Carl Heinrich (//c1860-//). From Lübeck, Germany. Settled; Stepney, New Parkside. Son of Heinrich Reinhardt Kreutzfeldt. m 15/10/1895 Registry Office Adelaide, Emilie Auguste Henriette nee STEINHARDT (//c1871-//) Father; Albert Steinhardt. Perhaps sister to Johanne nee Steinhardt who m JCH Kreutzfeldt’s fellow passenger FO Wadewitz.

LANGE, Robert Friedrich (//c1861-//). From Naumwester??, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

RAUSCH, Franz Xavier (//c1845-//). From St Georgen, Austria.

ROESNER/ROSNER/RÖSNER, Franz (//c1854-//). Merchant from Glatz, Kreis Breslau, Silesia, Prussia, Germany.

STACH, Ludwig (//c1867-//). Shoemaker from Hoysgenburg, Austria.

TAMM, Johanne Friedericke (//c1865-//). From Lütjenburg, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

TISCHLER, Gustav Martin (//c1860-//). From Nekla, Kreis Schroda, Posen, Prussia, Germany.

VOSS, Rudolph Franz (//c1841-//). From Weitenhagen, Pommern, Prussia, Germany.

WADEWITZ, Friedrich Oscar (//c1861-14/9/1913). Died Adelaide SA. From Muschau, Prussian Saxony, Germany. Baker; Adelaide (Hanson St). m 26/3/1887 Lutheran Parsonage Flinders St Adelaide, Johanna nee STEINHARDT (//c1859-//) Father; Albert. Perhaps sister to Emilie Auguste Henriette nee Steinhardt whom FO Wadewitz’s fellow passenger JCH Kreutzfeldt.

ZACHOW, Friedrich Johann Franz (//c1859-//). Joiner from Tramm, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. Son of Heinrich Zachow. Cabinetmaker; Edwardstown. m 4/9/1889 Wesleyan Parsonage East Tce Adelaide, Louisa nee Young (nb).