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Steamer Catania

9 passengers from Hamburg 7/1/1883



BEHN, Heinrich Theodor Joachim (//c1826-//). Ag labourer from Wendtfeld, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Prussia, Germany.

BEHN, Mrs HTJ nee Maria Sophie Charlotte PIEPLOW (//c1882-//)

BEHN, Wilhelm Martin Carl Joachim (//c1864-//)

BEHN, Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm (//c1867-//)

BEHN, Sophia Caroline Dorothea (//c1859-//). Daughter of fellow passenger HTJ Behn. m 10/8/1893 Lutheran Church Waterloo, Christian Friedrich Carl BUSCH (//c1861-//) Father; Heinrich Christian. m (1) m (2) 10/8/1893 Lutheran Church Waterloo, Sophia Caroline Dorothea nee Behn.

BEHN, Wilhelmine Friedericke (//c1880-//)

BOTHMANN, Heinrich (//c1837-//). Farmer from Elpersbüttel, Holstein, Prussia, Germany. Settled; Stepney.

BOTHMANN, Mrs Heinrich formerly REIMERS nee Christine Rebecca Margarethe BRASCH (//c1843-//). Daughter of fellow passenger Mrs Christine Ploog formerly Brasch nee ?

BOTHMANN, Auguste (//c1867-//)

BOTHMANN, Emilie (//c1869-//)

BOTHMANN, Emma (//c1872-//)

BOTHMANN, Amanda Henriette (1/6/1874-30/6/1950). m 21/1/1896 St Stephen Lutheran Church Adelaide, Heinrich Maschmedt (nb).

BOTHMANN, Christine (//c1876-//)

BOTHMANN, Martha (//c1878-//)

BOTHMANN, Friedrich Peter (/c1879/-//)

BOTHMANN, Marie/Minna (//c1882-//). m 13/11/1902 New Jerusalem Church Adelaide, Richard Tume (nb).

COLLIN, Ernst (//c1852-//). Merchant from Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

DARSOW, Emil Carl Christian (19/1/1856-15/7/1834). Born Potsdam, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia. Died Toowoomba QLD. Missionary from Hermannsburg, Hanover, Germany. Lutheran Pastor; Germantown, Hochkirch Vic then Sydney NSW then Ropeley, Drillham, Toowoomba QLD. (Biog – Darsow FH). m (1) Otto Brinckmann residence Collingwood Vic, Elisabeth nee Sültemann m (2) 4/5/191 Lutheran Church Kensington Vic, Jessie nee Woolrych.

ELIES, Carl August (//c1856-//). Musician from Altenplathow, Kreis Genthin, Prussian Saxony, Prussia, Germany. Farmer; South Kilkerran. Lutheran. m Clara nee Hasting (nb).

FUHLBOHM, Wilhelm Christoph Friedrich (26/3/1846-7/8/1916). Born Schweinke, Hanover. Died Rossvale Qld. Missionary from Hermannsburg. Hanover, Germany. Lutheran Pastor; Appila, Petersburg. Son of Heinrich Fuhlbohm. m (1) 6/6/1884 St Martin Rosenthal, Emma nee Oster (nb) m (2) 30/1/1898 St Peter Petersburg, Maria nee Altus (nb).

GIESE, Heinrich (//c1859-//). Baker from Altona, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

GRAMMERSTORF, Ludwig (//c1832-//). Wheelwright from Kiel, Holstein, Prussia, Germany.

HARMS, Johann Heinrich Christian (//c1853-//). Missionary from Hermannsburg. Hanover, Germany.

HARMS, Christoph (//c1853-//). Missionary from Hermannsburg. Hanover, Germany.

LIECKEFETT, Heinrich Christian (//c1859-//). Clockmaker from Hildesheim, Hanover, Germany.

PETZOLD, Emilie (//c1856-//). From Pyau, Saxony, Germany.

PLOOG, Christine (//c1812-14/4/1883). Died Harrowvale near Hackney SA. From Elpersbüttel, Holstein, Prussia, Germany. Widow of Heinrich Ploog. Mother of fellow passenger Mrs Heinrich Bothmann formerly Reimers nee Margarethe Brasch. Grandmother of Reimers and Bothmann fellow passengers.

RAUTH, Johann Wilhelm (//c1836-//). Agent from Frankfurt/Main, Hesse, Germany.

REIMERS, August (//c1863-//). From Elpersbüttel, Holstein, Prussia, Germany. Son of the late Mr Reimers and fellow passenger Mrs Heinrich Bothmann formerly Reimers nee Margarethe Brasch. Grandson of fellow passenger Mrs Heinrich Ploog nee Christine ?

ROSIN, Carl Friedrich Heinrich (//c1832-//). Weaver from Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

ROSIN, Mrs CFH nee Caroline ? (//c1821-//)

ROSIN, Heinrich Hermann (//c1846-//). From Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany. Probably son of fellow passenger CFH Rosin.

ROSIN, Mrs HH nee Friedericke Hedwig Marianne WENDHIRST (//c1847-//).

ROSIN, Georg (//c1882-//)

SCHMIDT, Paul (//c1861-//). Farmer from Neu Ruppin, Kreis Neu Ruppin, Mark Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany.

SCHROEDER/SCHRODER/SCHRÖDER, Heinrich (//-//). Clerk from Grevesmühlen, Kreis Grevesmühlen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

SCHULTZ, Richard (//-//). Merchant from Dresden, Saxony, Germany.

SEPPELT, Franziska (//c1826-8/2/1903). Died Greenock SA. Widow from Breslau, Kreis Breslau, Silesia, Prussia, Germany. Relict of Anton Seppelt (Brother to Joseph Seppelt of Seppeltsfield).

SEPPELT, Eduard Albert (//c1854-20/10/1914). Died Millsbrook SA. m 15/12/1894 Registry Office Adelaide, Louisa Mary nee SCHNEIDER (//c1856-//) Father; Carl Traugott.

SEPPELT, Ludwig (18/10/1865-9/7/1924). Born Breslau, Kreis Breslau, Silesia, Prussia. Died Greenock SA. Shoemaker; Greenock. Lutheran. m 12/10/1889 Lutheran Church Langmeil, Bertha nee Nitschke (nb).

SEPPELT, Franz (//c1867-//)

WERLICH, Johannes (//c1847-//). Merchant from Hamburg, Germany.

WERLICH, Mrs Johannes nee Anna ? (//c1846-//)