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Canal Park is a baseball stadium located in downtown Akron that is the home of the Akron Aeros. The stadium was designed by Populous, the same architectural firm that designed Progressive Field, the Indians' stadium that opened three years earlier. The stadium takes its name from its location adjacent to the Ohio and Erie Canal, which runs behind the left-field wall.

The stadium is designed as a single deck with the concourse at the top. All seats for Aeros games are sold for one price, regardless of number of rows from the field, except for right-field bleacher seating which is one dollar less. Seats extend all the way from one foul pole to the other (farther than most other parks at this level), and most sections contain 20 to 25 rows, although they taper to as little as five in the corners.

A series of 25 luxury boxes, and the press box, covers the concourse and the top few rows of seats from first base around to third base. The walkway down the right-field line is also covered, and contains a restaurant and the Aeros' team shop. A picnic berm in left field is available for pre-game rental by groups of 25 or more.

During the 2006 Akron Aeros season, the team celebrated its 10th season in Canal Park with several events.

Aside from Akron Aeros baseball, Canal Park will occasionally host special events such as local high school and college baseball, and the Akron Marathon.