"Fresh, Friendly, Fast"

Employee at Biscuitville rolls  dough out to make fresh biscuits. Taken by Tori Murphy


       In 2010, Burney Jennings, the CEO and President of the classic "southern styled breakfast restaurant" Biscuitville came to Elon University to give business advice and speak about his path to success. Three years later, Biscuitville had its grand opening on September 4, 2013, making it the first ever Biscuitville to open on a college campus. Burney Jennings, an Elon graduate of the class of 1987 inherited this company from his father Maurice Jennings '57 who is an alumni as well. During Jennings speech in 2010, he spoke about how his company values personal interaction and friendliness so if you are looking for good food and happy employees then head on over to Buiscuitville!

     This new place for students to eat is located in Lakeside Dining Hall's Winter Garden Cafe next to Topio's and Freshiis. Upon entering, you will see the employees rolling the dough for the fresh biscuits that they make daily on site. ALthough the menu has a limited selection of items compared to a normal Bisciutville, there is still a wide variety of options offered.  The menu offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches, as well as hashbrowns and country fries. In addition to breakfast foods, Biscuitville also serves chicken tenders and burgers for those who want to come back for lunch and dinner. Biscuitville has, in it's short time on campus, become one of the most popular eating options for Elon students. If you are looking for a fast, cheap, and delicious meal option, Biscuitville is your place on campus. Each item on the menu can be purchased with a meal swipe along with a side and a drink, making Biscuitville one of the most diverse selections for those with swipes on campus.

Outside of campus Biscuitville has several restaurants across North Carolina and Virgina. Check out their website for locations and merchandise :


Open everyday from 7am - 9pm

Menu: *not all items served at Elon University