Elon University’s Club Baseball team is a program that allows Elon students to play competitive college baseball without the various demands associated with varsity athletics. Club Baseball has a strict no-cut policy allowing everyone who tries out for the team a guaranteed spot on the team. Come spring however, the team is narrowed down to a 32-man roster that competes against club baseball programs from other Division I Mid-Atlantic Conference of the National Club Baseball Association. They compete with teams from all over North Carolina as well as teams from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and Georgia.

The team practices from 5 to 7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and from 3 to 5 on Fridays at the Club Baseball field located behind the Crest Apartments. They play games on the weekend and occasionally they play 2 games a day (double headers as they are known in the baseball world).

The president of Club Baseball is a junior catcher named Ben Koffel and vice-president is Aubrey Wilkerson. There are two co-coaches, Drew Forte and John Muller, a secretary, Stephen Monick, a treasurer, Evan Kleiss and a social chair, JT Doscher. Every year the team gives out a senior of the year award and a rookie of the year award. In 2013 the senior of the year award was given to Chris Esser and the rookie of the year award was given to by Michael Roberts.



View from home plate. Photo taken by Thomas FazioView from center field. Photo taken by Thomas Fazio


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