In the Alamance-Burlington School System, the ABSS, one of the best school system in North Carolina, there are about 22,000 that are educated within the available 20 elementary schools and a total of 7 high schools. There is a range of public schools, private schools, charter schools, and independent schools located within the county. The educational standards and goals of the Alamance school system are strict and very high with the students ranking about the state average in a variety of mathematic areas as well as in many science areas. Over the past few years, scores seem to be increasing, as well as the overall writing performance of the children. A huge achievement for the school system over the past few years was reaching the 79 percentile of students going on to pursue higher education after their graduation and competition of the system. The school system prides itself on its small and interactive classes with about 25 students to each educator, giving a very attentive and personal education that benefits the children in the long run. Two major higher education institutions in the county Alamance Community College and Elon University, which is a nationally ranked liberal arts college where many of the Alamance-Burlington School System Graduates achieve higher diplomas. 

Just as in any educational system, there are always goals to be met for both the students and the educational community as a whole. Over the past 5 years, an organization called Alamance Citizen for Education developed which has been working towards better development in the large public school system in the Alamance-Burlington Area. This group recognizes that the graduates that come out of this school system are those that will shape the future of the workforce in the area and they believe that in order to readily prepare those graduates, the community must come together to educate students. The organization's goals are to get the community and parents more involved in the school system. promoting awareness of the school's need for new resources and materials to enhance learning, help with teacher recruitment and finding those with high education to teach the students in the Alamance County School System, and of course to help the community's voice be heard within the walls of the public schools to meet and address their concerns and desires. With the help of organizations like this and the already great path that the school system is on, the rate of graduates and continued higher level education should only rise to new accomplishments.