522 Hawkins St. Burlington, North Carolina 27217
Friday- Saturday 9:00pm- 2:00am
Payment Method
Cash Only
Wheelchair accessibility
No, it is not possible to get from the parking onto the sidewalk (because there is a curb) without lifting the wheelchair. 


El Rincon Night Club is located about ten minutes away from the town of Elon, in Burlington, North Carolina. Upon first arriving you would notice that it is slightly off to the side of the main road and isn’t surrounded by any major stores or roads. When I first observed the nightclub, I noticed it was in an open area next to one other restaurant. It is a brick building with a white trim surrounding the top and the sides of it; the front of the building has black tinted windows lining all the way down it.

When you walk into the building you will notice plain walls with a bar off to the left. There are tables placed throughout the building, with a dance floor in the middle of the perimeter. The dance floor is checkered and the counter at the bar is made out of white tile, while the outside of the bar is made out of a medium shade of blue. The chairs they use are made out of metal and fold; there are also pool tables off in the far corner of the establishment. They have two windows inside the building, one for delivering food and one for ordering food.

The atmosphere of the establishment is very low key and casual. It is very much a party scene that involves a lot of dancing and drinking. They often have people that come and perform on a stage they have in the back of the building. It is very much a community bar, where they have locals or people who come often to hang out with friends. There isn’t much diversity in the people that attend the nightclub, most seem to be Mexican or Latino. Age group is roughly around late twenties to late thirties or older. Overall, it gives off the party/familiar atmosphere that you would feel if you were hanging out at your favorite bar.