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Jeff D. Wilkins DVM


Founded in 2009 the Elon Animal Hospital has been serving local residents with just about any animal. Elon Animal Hospital is a great resource for local pet owners to bring their animals for vaccines, treatments, and general nutrition suggestions. Dr. Wilkins has over 40 years of practice and he and his staff “truly understand animals and their needs”.  Elon Animal Hospital has a wide variety of medicine and wellness programs for their clients, from Frontline Tritak, which is the fastest Frontline product for dogs yet, to Rabies Clinics, which offer vaccinations for only $10. It is important to Dr. Wilkins and his staff that vaccinations are affordable, to ensure that the majority of animals are able to receive care.

Along with treatments and vaccinations, Dr. Wilkins pays special attention to the nutrition of each animal. “We practice preventive medicine and that starts with good nutrition.” Dr. Wilkins offers to make health evaluations of the animals and come up with a plan if necessary to help improve their nutrition.  Elon Animal Hospital recommends Hill’s Pet Food for dogs and cats, the number one pet food choice among veterinarians. They also offer dental care, grooming services, and microchip insertions for customers and are equipped for boarding, and an in-house pharmacy and laboratory for maximum efficiency in care of the patients. Dr. Wilkins' office is capable of service for most any animal including horses, dogs, cats, goats, reptiles, and birds and will also make house calls in emergencies. 

Elon Animal Hospital accepts payments with Visa, MasterCard, and Care Credit (information for Care Credit can be provided as well as information for Pet Insurance). If you have questions about care of large animals, feel free to call for more information. 

The staff at Elon Animal Hospital truly cares about the health and conditions of their clients.  They are available for emergency care even on national holidays. If you are interested in becoming in contact with the Elon Animal Hospital, you can find them on Facebook or call (336)-584-3738.


Customer Reviews:


- Ability to treat a wide variety of animals. I have known Dr. Wilkins to take care of everything from lizards and hampsters to a cougar and zebra. Not to mention everything in between.

- If your pet has any sort of issue (injured limb, allergies, cancer, blindness, etc.), you can rest assured that Dr. Wilkins and his staff will put your pet in a position to have the highest quality of life possible.

- The Elon Animal Hospital provides a myriad of services at very low and reasonable prices.

- This animal hospital, to the credit of Dr. Wilkins experience and knowledge of veterinarian medicine, is well equipped to provide you and your pet with the best experience and service imaginable.

Charles M.

Dr. Wilkins has been treating my dogs for the past decade. My oldest husky recently died of a suspected heart attack at the age of 13 years. She was healthy and active right up to the end. My remaining husky is a very healthy 7 year old, who is a heart worm survivor, thanks to Dr. Wilkins. The treatment for Merlin's worms was spot on and the dog suffered very few side effects. My youngest dog is a 3 year old rare breed. Dr. Wilkins has treated her with the utmost care through spaying, puppy care, and a UTI. We buy her food through the office and get a better price than we can around town. He and his staff have always been personable and caring. Our little dog loves being kenneled there and is so happy and excited each time we visit.

Stacie P.

I have two dogs that have been with Elon Animal Hospital since they were 8 weeks old. We have received amazing care since day 1! Dr. Wilkins and his staff have always been so thorough and caring, and our animals love to go. We buy our food through his office, and get it not only FRESH, but at a very good price. One of my dogs has very bad allergies, and Dr. Wilkins has gone out of his way to help us narrow down the causes so that he can enjoy everyday life without being so itchy! Dr. Wilkins and the staff at Elon Animal Hospital are wonderful, experienced, and knowledgable. I reccommend them to everyone!! DR. WILKINS IS A GREAT VET!!!!

Elizabeth S.

We boarded both of our dogs this past weekend with Elon Animal Hospital and had there teeth cleaned today! They received excellent care!!! What a friendly staff! Highly recommend anyone to take their animals!

Amanda S.