Elon Elementary School

Photo Credits to Alli WittenbergPhoto Credits to Alli Wittenberg


              When one thinks back on his or her early childhood years, one of the most predominant images that comes to mind is undoubtedly elementary school. Here a broad range of lessons was learned in both academic and social facets, setting the stage for a productive and successful life. Elon Elementary School is one school that leaves a lasting impact on its young prodigy. “It’s not just a fond childhood memory. It was my whole childhood,” explained Elon Elementary graduate Veronica.

               Elon Elementary School is located on the outskirts of Elon University Campus (the exact address is 510 East Haggard Road, Elon, North Carolina 27244). Although modest in size, principal Jack Davern is extremely ambitious in preparing students for future education. The overall goal at Elon Elementary is that “students at Elon Elementary will be well prepared for the next steps in their education career as 21st century learners, responsible citizens and productive members of a global society.”

               Elon Elementary has five ways of achieving this vision. The first is through rigorous instruction, which utilizes and stresses the importance of technology. The second is engagement, to encourage active participation amongst all students. Achievement in academic and artistic areas is the next method, followed by community focusing on local culture. Finally, highly qualified staff are hired to maximize the potential of the children. Totally, this is known as the REACH method. 




Interview with Elon Elementary Graduate