Photo credit: Emma Mankin

The Elon Handmade Co-op is an organization developed to support the prosperity of artists in the Burlington area. Founded in February of 2012 by four Elon University Leadership Fellows, the co-op was designed to foster an appreciation for local art and connect the community to its local university of Elon.  It is a pioneer of its kind in that it is the first art co-op to be established in Burlington.  The Elon Handmade Co-op states that their mission is to "endorse and support local artists, support the creation of unique art in the local community, connect the community to the local university, and sell art that creates a positive impact on the community."  

The organization exhibits the work of its participating artists through on-campus showcases. The first showcase was held in April 2012, and later than year a second was held at Elon University's Campus Festival, a celebration of art and culture.  A variety of genres of art are displayed at the showcases including canvas work, tile paintings, pottery, and greeting cards. Several of the artists attend these showcases to engage in face-to-face conversation with the student customers.  This encourages discussion of the displayed art, how it was created, and its significance to the artist and the community.