COM100 (A): Communication in a Global Age (Dr. Lackaff)

General directions

  1. Choose a topic as directed in the assignment. Search the wiki to ensure there isn't an existing article on the topic.
  2. Add the topic to the list on this page as an "article developed" under your name (see the example).
  3. When you have completed the article according to the assignment specifications, share your links with your team, so they can review and edit your articles according to the assignment guidelines.
  4. When you review a teammate's article, add it to the list on this page as an "article edited" (see the example).
  5. When reviews and edits are complete, submit your article link on Moodle.

List of COM100A student article projects

Add your name and work to the following list in alphabetical order. Provide links to the sandbox versions of your articles (so your edits are apparent). Example:

Lackaff, Derek

Berk, Jason R.

Brooks-Muse, Kelly D.


Cannon, Jake D

  • Article Developed

                K-9 Corner

Corbi, Alexandra

  • Article Developed

North Carolina Zoological Park

Daggett, Mac

Deacon, Lane C.

Dunn, Mackenzie V.

Fink, Eliza R. 

Frazier, Elizabeth D

  • Articles Developed

                                 City Park    

  • Articles edited

                                North Carolina Zoological Park, Mykonos Grill, Adult Athletic Teams in Burlington, City ParkThe Burlington Housing Authority

Harris, John L.

Huger, Lane K.

James, Harold B. 

Johnson, Kelsea C.

Lake Mackintosh Park and Marina

Kashmanian, Marissa N.

Lana, Joseph M.

Lane, Madeleine V.

Leonard, Alyson R.

Lorberbaum, Kayla J.

  • Articles Developed:
  • Lowell's Wine List

Micco, Gabrielle M.

Mickel, Margaret B.

Morency, Emily C.

Mulnick, Sarah E.

Nash, Shayna R.

Nduku, Jasmine B.

Osgood, Nicole A.

Rowe, Harrison L.

  • article developed

  • Skid's
  • Articles Edited

Cold Stone Creamery, Lake Mackintosh Park and Marina, Gibsonville Article

Salvucci, Lawrence W.

Semonite, Stuart C.

Simmons, Alexa C.

Sterman, Samuel J.

Stine, Molly T.


Traub, Rachel E.

Vieira, Justin M.

  • Article developed:

                      Off-Campus Housing Around Elon

Articles Edited:

NC Jelly Donut,Nature Trails in Alamance CountyGranddaddy's Antique Mall

Weber, Chelsea P.