List of GST110G Spring student article projects

Add your name and work to the following list in alphabetical order. Provide links to the sandbox versions of your articles (so your edits are apparent). Example, using Dr. Lackaff:

Lackaff, Derek

Accarpio, Melina

Brooks-Muse, Kelly

Cooney, Jake

Article Upgraded

Floersch, Cassie

Hallman, Rachel

Koch, Kalen

Lee, Matt

Moody, Doriana

  • Danieley Center

Shelby, Meredith

Skau, Madison

Article Upgraded

Meta Article

  • Exercise Facilities in Alamance

Snyder, Ben 

Article Upgraded





Stevens, Nina

Article Upgraded

Gallop, Zach

Article Upgraded


Hiles, Joey


Article Upgraded


Cassie, Chandler, Meredith

  • Topic: Alamance County for College Students
    -off-campus restaurants


Melina, Madison

  • Meta Article
    • exercise facilities in Alamance County
    • (Alamance for the fit?)

Jake, Tom, Matt

  • Meta Article
    • Local Sports Facilities

Kalen, Zach, Nina

  • Meta Article
    • Alamance Country for kids

Dori, Joey

  • Meta Article
  • Tourist Spots

Rachel, Kelly