Elon University’s Historic Neighborhood:

 Residence Halls:

Elon Universities’ Historic Neighborhood consists of ten residence halls. These include Sloan, Virginia, West, Smith, Carolina, Hook, Brannock, Barney, International Pavilion, and Honors Pavilion. These buildings are a central part of campus, and are some of the oldest living spaces. Elon University has committed to preserving this significant part of Elon’s history by renovating, adding amenities, and maintaining a sense of community. 

The various Historic Neighborhood residence halls range from co-ed to single sex style dorms, suite style and hall style bathrooms, and contain numerous learning communities. Elon’s campus is a certified botanical garden that consists of beautiful brick buildings, fountains, and lively students, which makes living in the Historic Neighborhood a wonderful option for Elon undergraduates. Not only does the Historic Neighborhood include ten residence halls, but also a number of academic buildings and a dining hall, making the area one of the most high-activity on campus. 

Sloan Hall: 

Sloan residence hall is a co-ed dormitory comprised of suite style rooms. Sloan is located closest to McEwen Dining Hall. The first floor of Sloan serves as a Living and Learning Community for communications students. The first floor also houses the residence life office for the Historic Neighborhood. 

Sloan Residence Hall


The oldest building within the historic neighborhood, and of the entire campus, is West. West is a single-gender, all girls residence hall that consists of three floors. It is rumored to be haunted by a handful of ghosts that play pranks on the girls who live there. A rumor on campus is that one girl jumped out of the third floor building during the devastating fire at Elon in 1923.  The University was founded in 1889, and West was the only building that survived the fire. This resident hall is a symbol of Elon’s past. West celebrates it's birthday with a party annually on October 16th. The building is also the cite of convocation for freshmen and graduation. The fire of 1923 that destroyed all but West dorm is also the reason for the Birth of the Elon Phoenix https://localwiki.org/alamance/Birth_of_the_Elon_Phoenix. The school's mascot was changed to the Phoenix after the university physically and metaphorically rose from the ashes. 

West Residence Hall


Carolina Hall

This residence hall was named in honor of the Congregational Christian Church of North Carolina, who donated the money to pay for the residence hall. It is another all-girls dorm. It is a "traditional style design" with three floors. It houses 125 girls with 2 hall baths on each hall. 


HBB (Hook, Brannock, and Barney Hall)

This is one of the suite-style dormitories in the Historic Neighborhood. Composed of three different residence halls, it is one of the most unique in the neighborhood. There are four double rooms in a suite that share a bathroom. It borders a basketball and volleyball court, and is right next to the relatively new Academic Pavilion. 

The three halls that comprise HBB are named after Dr. A.L. Hook, Dr. Ned F. Brannock, and John W. Barney, all esteemed and long-time faculty members at Elon University


Virginia Hall

This hall was named in honor of the  Congregational Christian Churches in Virginia, who also donated money towards construction of the hall. It is one of the co-ed dormitories that houses 87students. Beginning in Fall 2013, it is also home to two Living and Learning Communities: Arts & Letters and Service Learning.


Virginia Residence Hall



Under the Oaks:


The “Under the Oaks” ceremonies take place in Elon’s Historic Neighborhood, which is located in front of West dorm. This is a significant space for the University, where it was decided to rebuild Elon after the 1923 fire. This area is where freshman convocation ceremonies and graduating senior commencement ceremonies takes place. This popular area celebrates the rich history of Elon, and shares its important background with the students as they are entering and leaving campus.



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