Friends of The Alamance County Public Libraries

Friends of the Alamance County Public Libraries is a group that was first formed in 1967.  The group was active for ten years until it was disbanded in 1985.  It is now an active group that enthusiastically supports the public libraries, education, and literacy in Alamance County.  Not only does the group organize book sales, but they also provide financial support to literacy programs.


The Friends of the Alamance County Public Libraries objectives are as stated in Article IV:

4.01    To increase interest in and to raise the level of library services in our community.

4.02    To foster closer relations between the staff, the citizens of the community and the function of the libraries.

4.03    To disseminate information and knowledge of the libraries’ functions, resources, services, and requirements.

4.04    To provide the means for members and non-members to exchange ideas, information and experiences.

4.05    To encourage education and literacy throughout Alamance County.

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Group Partnerships and Involvements

Friends of the Alamance County Public Libraries is involved with various different programs that help encourage reading.  For example, Friends helps sponsor the Book Club Kids that are provided for new members of Alamance’s Public Libraries’ book clubs.  The group also in partnership with Alamance County Public Libraries, hosts an Alamance Reads program. Alamance Reads is a community-wide event that is designed to encourage reading and conversation of a common book.  The program is also aimed to promote the county libraries. The 2012-2013 Alamance Reads program was centered on To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee.  The event is free and opened to the public.

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Membership for Friends of the Alamance County Public Libraries is open for all who are passionate about books.  When you become a member, you receive an annual membership that allows access to the Spring and Fall book sales on Opening Day.  In addition, a Friends member receives 4 quarterly newsletters with information about events and programs at the public libraries.

The Friends of the Library membership categories are:

Household Poet Novelist Editor Publisher
$10.00 $25.00 $100.00 $500.00 $1000.00


Contact Information

342 S. Spring Street
Burlington, NC 27215

Phone: 336-229-3588