The Global Neighborhood is the newest residential complex on the Elon University campus. Presently, the Global Neighborhood is comprised of two dorm buildings (Global 4 and Global 5). Many finishing touches were added the evening before students moved in. Many residents of the Global Village say the dormitories provides them with a hotel experience. The suites and doubles are spacious, but the Global singles are truly phenomenal. A standard single in Global 5 is furnished with a personal bathroom, shower, a full bed, and a new washer and dryer. Furthermore, the common rooms feature a flat screen TV, communal kitchen with brand new appliances, vaulted ceilings, and extra large windows. The first floors of both Global buildings include classrooms fitted with up to the latest technology and kitchens.

Global Buildings 4 (right) and 5 (left)


A strong sense of community is seen throughout the Global Neighborhood. Many floors are organized by Global 110 (a Freshman seminar) classes or other interests. For example, the first floor of Global Building 5 is home to students involved in dance and theater. Opening ceremonies for the Global Neighborhood were held during the first week of September. Students gathered to celebrate the diverse collection of cultures that make up the Global Neighborhood, and also to pledge the Global oath:

As a member of the Global Neighborhood, I will strive to become a global citizen:

·      Seeking to identify and engage with my campus, local and global communities,

·      Reflecting on the impact of my actions in these communities,

·      Respecting and appreciating cultures and experiences different from my own, and

·      Working to promote the common good.

I commit to:

·      Making the most of this opportunity to develop my global perspective, in concert with my own personal development and understanding of the communities around me, and

·      Investing my time and energy as a proud member of the Global Neighborhood.


When completed, the Global Neighborhood will contain 6 buildings that will house 600 students. It will also feature a 30,000 square foot Global Commons building that will house a Great Hall and the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center.