Haw River Historical Museum

The Haw River area was settled in 1745. Since its establishment, it has been deemed the Corduroy Capital of the World, and has been the home of many successful businesses and people. The Haw River Historical Museum is dedicated to preserving the culture of the Haw River. This museum provides an inside look on the development of this particular area in North Carolina. As one of the prime sites for the textile industry, the museum is filled with enriching pictures and artifacts. While it is a historical museum, it also features many modern exhibits such as that of everyday life, churches, schools, and sports in the local area. Interestingly enough, the museum is located in a retired fire hall building, and admission is free to the public. The Haw River Historical Museum is always pleased to welcome donations as well.



Holt Mills were stationed in this area. Because 10% of all corduroy made in the 1990s was produced here, Haw River was named the Corduroy Capital of the World.


Notable People from the area

The Trollinger family, textile and RR industries

Governor Thomas M. Holt- served as North Carolina's 47th governor, a prominent industrialists who was born and died in Alamance County.

Dr. S. D. McPherson (hospital founder)



Haw River Train Wreck, 1960



Haw River Historical Association Museum 
201 East Main Street 
Haw River, North Carolina 27258



Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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