Kim's White Tiger Taekwondo 

1441 University Dr, Ste A. Burlington, NC 27215

Kim's White Tiger Taekwondo studio is place for people of all ages to be trained in the ways of taekwondo by world class instructors. White Tiger has several locations; one in Chapel Hill and one in Burlington. People can go to Kim's White Tiger to get great exercise and learn the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. The studio offers summer programs in addition to after school programs. There are also seasonal camps special offers for birthday parties and special occasions. Also families can take classes together as part of a special offer. Kim's White Tiger Taekwondo provides a fun learning environment while still providing challenging and engaging classes. The headmaster of the school is named Se Eon Kim, he is an accomplished 6th degree black belt who has a BA in taekwondo and a certified sparring coach. The general manager, master Jung Hwa Lee, is also an accomplished 6th degree black belt with a similar resume. 

They offer summer camp programs and they host birthday parties for kids. All of the programs they offer teach children important characteristics such as better focus and concentration, coordination and respect. All of which are beneficial in child development. 

It is extremely easy to get registered with Kim's White Tiger thanks to their easy online registration services. The "quick start" registration offered online give beginners an opportunity to get involved right away and advance at the pace that they want, with both public and private courses offered. 

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