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Numen Lumen Pavilion:


Numen Lumen Pavilion is a recent addition to the beautiful campus of Elon University. Located inside the Academic Village, Numen Lumen Pavilion offers professional space for those involved in The Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. The construction of this 15,058 square foot building was officially finished in March of 2013 (1).  Numen Lumen, Elon University’s motto, directly translates to “spiritual light” (3) in Latin, providing a perfect name for the Truitt Center’s brand new building.

The Numen Lumen sanctuary extends beyond the walls of the building. Outside there is a mediation garden with a Kugel ball fountain, a heavy granite ball that spins lubricated by a thin film of water, as well as rocks engraved with the words students offered at the site dedication: peace, agape, cooperation and understanding, healing the earth, koinonia, Namaste, nirvana, respect, oneness and charity.


Hours (2):

Sunday – Friday: 8 AM to 9 PM (Phoenix card holders able to wipe in from 9 PM to 12 AM)

Saturday: 8 AM to 9 PM

Location (2):

In between the Gray Pavilion and Phi Beta Kappa Commons. The back of the building faces the side of Carolina Residence Hall.


The Numen Lumen Pavilion offers its sacred space to numerous campus organizations including but not limited to, Intervarsity, Methodist Fellowship, LEAF, Catholic Campus Ministry. (2)

 Numen Lumen hosts various weekly events including: (2)

“Numen Lumen” on Thursdays from 9:50-10:20 AM

Catholic Mass on Friday at 12:10 PM

Lutheran and Episcopalian Worship Service (followed by dinner) on Sunday at 4 PM

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