Positive Attitude Youth Center

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Mission Statement: 

The Positive Attitude Youth Center, PAYC for short, is an organization that strives to help children, ages 6-17, of the Burlington community with their educational and social development. (1)


About the Building:

The facility itself houses administrative offices, a day care for the younger children, classrooms, a mini snack area and a large gymnasium where the kids spend the majority of their time. (1)


History of PAYC:

PAYC was originally founded by a Pastor and his wife, Kelly and Eunice Richmond, in 1995. One major element that Pastor Kerry and Eunice Richmond wanted to incorporate was faith. The two saw it highly important that the students and parents were given a safe environment to study, play and grow. (1)


About the Students:

The students of PAYC come from largely at-risk families in unstable environments; however, there are also children who come from stable houses who seek a secure place to spend their afternoons. Research shows that 85% of students do better in school because of their experience at PAYC. (1)


Supporters of PAYC:

Because of the incredible results of the faculty and students, PAYC has numerous supporters including: Alamance Burlington School Systems,  City of Burlington Recreation Department & Police Department, Alamance County Department of Social Services, Alamance County Health Department, United Way of Alamance County, Juvenile Crime Prevention, Department of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, Elon University and other local business and churches in Burlington. (1)


Programs available at PAYC: (1)

            After School Programs:

Elon University provides volunteers to tutor the children Monday through Friday from 3-6 PM. Usually, the children work on their homework from 3-4:30 and enjoy time to play until the center closes at 7. Safe transportation to PAYC is provided for all students from 17 varying schools. Sarah Riley, the designated coordinator between the Elon volunteer center and the PAYC staff, helps with PAYC because she firmly believes in their mission and and believes the organization "provides insight into possible career opportunities." Sarah transferred in the spring of her freshman year and jumped right into the Positive Attitude Youth Center. Currently, she volunteers around three times a week and handles the paperwork for all the other volunteers. If you are an Elon student interested in volunteering, check out http://www.elon.edu/e-web/students/servicelearning/evevents.xhtml 

            Positive Day School:

PAYC provides children ranging from ages 3-12 with a daily day care running from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The day care center offers numerous activities to the kids including academic and physical development. Some features that PAYC values in their day care program include small and large group activities, themes that relate to their academic and maturation standards, and constant communication between teachers and parents about their child’s progress. The Positive Day School also extends into an after-school program for children attending other schools during the day.

            Teen Achiever’s Program:

PAYC strives to shape their members into the best student and person they can be. One way PAYC assures this growth is through their Teen Achiever’s Program. Teen Achievers works with students who are in 6th thru 11th grade. These teens are either court-ordered juveniles or categorize as at-risk. The main goal of this program is to work with students to recognize making good choices and boosting their confidence in themselves and their actions.

            Summer Club:

Summer Club is a program offered to students in preschool thru 9th grade. These students can attend Summer Club from the months of June to August in order to increase their educational experience and allow them opportunities to travel on field trips and learn more about computer skills.

            Recreation Programs:

The Recreational Programs offered at PAYC lend students the opportunity to become engaged in athletics and exercise in order to combat Alamance County’s high obesity rate of 33.6% (2). Students can chose from a number of different teams and activities including: AAU Basketball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Track, Cheerleading and numerous other sports that Alamance County offers.

            Programs for the Parents:

PAYC also offers parents the option of taking life skill classes provided by the staff at the center. (5)


Insight into PAYC: 

(Video taken By Elon Pendulum) 


Interested in Volunteering or Donating?

PAYC would love to have you!

Sign up at: http://www.positiveattitudeyouthcenter.com/26801.html



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