How to get around in Alamance County

Public transportation can be a common form of travel for Americans.  In 2011, Americans took 10.2 billion trips on public transportation.  People board public transportation 35 million times each week and there are more than 7,770 organizations that provide public transportation in the United States.

One of these organizations is in Alamance County; it is called the Alamance County Transportation Authority and is commonly referred to as the ACTA.  The ACTA was created July 1, 2002. The ACTA was created to provide transportation for the disable, elderly, and general public residing in Alamance County. The vans have wheelchair lifts so they are able to assist people with special needs. The vans will take you to a shopping mall, a doctor’s appointment, or anywhere you would want to go.  The ACTA provides more than 500 transports for Alamance County residents each day.  The ACTA will not provide transportation if the trip is an emergency.  In order to get a ride from the ACTA, you must call at least one day prior to your trip.  The cost of riding with ACTA is $9.00 for a one-way trip and $18.00 for a round trip.

The Biobus waits for Elon students and residents of Alamance to arrive!*If you are near Elon University and need to go to into Burlington, just hop of the Elon University’s Biobus. The Biobus is open to Elon University students and to the public as well. While some buses are only transporting students around campus there are buses that would take you to the grocery store, CVS, Target, and Alamance Crossing. The Biobus schedule usually runs on time, but the hours and days that the different shuttles run can be difficult to remember. Be sure to look at the Biobus schedule on Elon University’s webpage beforehand. 

If you were thinking about going somewhere are didn’t want to drive, you can call one of the many taxi services that Burlington has to offer. The two well recognized cab companies in Burlington are Golden Eagle Taxi Service and JR Taxi Service. The Golden Eagle Taxi Service is located on 1606 E Webb Ave in Burlington. The have a 24 hours service 7 days a week. They will transport you wherever you want to go. There website is currently down, but hopefully they will be able to fix it soon. If you would like to reach them and call for a cab their number is (336) 227-0550.  Current Elon students have used the Golden Eagle Taxi Service before and have said that the driver arrives on time and is very friendly and will if more than willing to help you with anything that you need. They have said that they will ride with the Golden Eagle Taxi Service again.  JR Taxi Service is also a great choice to call if you are in need of a taxi. They are located at 702 Rauhut St in Burlington. JR Taxi Service is great choice for Elon students because the company is located only a few minutes from campus. If you would like to make an appointment for a taxi the number for JR Taxi Service is (336) 570-0070.

If you were looking for a form of public transportation that would take you away from the Burlington area, the Amtrak Station or one of the nearby airports would be a good bet. The Amtrak station is located at 101 North Main Street in Burlington. It would probably be easier for you to get driven there because there are only 5 short-term parking spaces and 20 long-term parking spaces available. The station has an enclosed waiting area as well as restrooms while you are waiting for your train to arrive. There is no ATM though, so be sure to have money on you before you get to the station. There is also no Wi-Fi in the station, so you will not be able to send emails or go on the Internet while you wait.  Also, it is important that you pack light because there is no checked baggage service, baggage assistance, or baggage carts. The hours of the station are Monday-Sunday from 7:00am-9: 30am then 12:00pm-2: 30pm then 5:00pm-8:00pm.  It is also important that you buy your tickets online beforehand because there is no ticket station at the Burlington Amtrak Station.

The two routes that leave out of the Burlington Amtrak Station are the Piedmont and the Carolinian. The Piedmont travels from Charlotte to Raleigh. The Carolinian also travels from Charlotte to Raleigh, but then continues to travel up the east coast to New York City. The Piedmont does not have Wi-Fi, but the Carolinian does. If you end up riding the Carolinian, you would be able to enjoy some food and drinks while you ride. They have an arrangement of salads and sandwiches, as well as pizza, yogurt, muffins, and other snacks.

All credit goes to Ildar SagdejevAnother form of transportation that is not public, but is very important if you wanted to get out the Burlington or North Carolina area, is the two airports that are located close to Alamance county. These two airports are the Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO) and the Raleigh- Durham International Airport (RDU). The closer of the two is the Piedmont Triad International Airport, which is located in nearby Greensboro, while the Raleigh- Durham International Airport is only slightly farther away in Raleigh.  Even though the Piedmont Triad International Airport has international in its name, the airport only flies domestically. If you are looking for an international flight it is a better idea to look at flights that are going through RDU.  The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is a bigger airport and will have more options for your flights, flight times, and airline preferences. If you are a student at Elon University you have the option to take one of the services that the university offers to one of the airports. During the break times, shuttle buses run to and from the airports, allowing students fly to spend time with family and friends. The shuttle to the GSO costs $35 round trip and the shuttle to RDU costs $45 round trip.  But be sure to go to the Moseley Center at Elon University and book the shuttle at least 14 days in advance or else your seat is not guaranteed!

No matter where you are going in Burlington, the surrounding area, or internationally, there will always be someway for you to get there.  




*Photo taken by Christina Goodnough