Back of Smith Hall 

Front of Smith Hall

Smith was named in honor of Dr. L.E. Smith, former president of Elon. As the only all-male hall on campus, Smith houses 126 of Elon's finest gentlemen. The residential hall has the traditional style of community hall bathrooms. Each room is air conditioned. The average room dimensions are 20 x 10 and each room comes furnished with closets, bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, and dresser. Even though it is an all-male residential hall, Smith's "sister" hall (Carolina ) is right next door and the two often have mixers and socialize together. The building is located near Powell Building and home to the East Area office, which contains the office of Monet Thomas, the Assistant Director of Residence Life for the Historic Neighborhood. The  Historic Neighborhood is made up of the older residence halls such as Smith, Carolina, Sloan, Virginia, West, and Hook/Brannock/Barney (HBB). Smith has quite the reputation for being a "rowdy" place on campus, but, in reality, the Smith residents are extremely studious, love to have a good time, and really bond with their fellow Smith residents.

Fun Facts: There are three floors on Smith. There are approximately twenty three to twenty five rooms and two bathrooms on each floor. Most rooms are meant to room two students, but there are anywhere from one to four singles on a floor.

There are two water fountains on opposite ends of every floor.

One RA (Residential Adviser) lives on each floor of Smith. RA's are commonly second semester freshmen or sophomores. 

The reason there are no vending machines on the third floor is because a few years ago, a group of students decided to throw it out the window. Those walking by Smith be warned for falling objects.

Smith in general is a great place on campus. It is a wonderful dorm for freshmen boys to live in. The brotherhood that those gain from living in Smith is so strong that some compare it to being its own fraternity. All Elon students should venture out to Smith at some point during their time on campus.