Every year Campus Recreation holds Sportsfest, a tournament of physical games between students.  In 2013, the contest was held on August 30th, marking the 12th anniversary of the event.  The competition is held on the Club Sports field.  Teams composed of students from all around the campus compete in a series of competitions.  Every team must elect a captain to represent them as a group.  First years are encouraged to participate in the event


There is a wide variety of courses to participate such as, dodgeball, forms of  relay races, and tug of war.  The courses are supposed to be a team working experience, building friendships and bonds. Members must rely on one another to successfully contend.  A list of the events are stated below:

  1. Dodgeball
  2. Tug of War
  3. Crossfit Challenge
  4. Sponge Race
  5. Obstacle Course
  6. Three Legged Race

The Honors Team competing in SportsfestEach team  battles against one another to win each course, the top three teams place for each event.  Scoring is determined on a point system, totaled up at the end of the event.  The top three teams receive a prize from the bookstore.  More specifically, every first place team member receive a lawn chair.  Second and third place team members receive a Elon University water bottle.  On a larger note, the top twenty-four teams receive a t-shirt.  Roughly over thirty teams compete in the competition.  The top three winning teams in 2013 were the Otter Squad, Club Rugby and Friends, and Collah.

The event is always received well. Approximately 750 students, faculty, and staff attend the occasion.  Free snacks and water are given out during the competition.  Smitty's, a local ice cream shop sets up a stand, passing out free ice cream to the competitors. 






(Sportsfest On South Campus)

(Sportsfest 2013 Results)