Terranova Dance Theater


Photo by: Jen Guy Metcalf


Terranova Dance Theater is a contemporary ballet company that was founded by Jen Guy Metcalf in June 2008. After earning her MFA from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, Jen intended to create a company that produced innovative work for not only the stage, but also on site and screen. The name Terranova is derived from “TERRA,” meaning earth or land, and “inNOVAtion,” meaning original and creative thinking.

 Jen Guy Metcalf’s creative process is quite different from most choreographers. Her inspiration stems from various music, art, video, architecture, and text. This creativeness allows Jen to generate movement material without spacing. She then researches design to organize her dancers and their movements into a cohesive work. The artistic drive behind all of Terranova Dance Theater’s shows has earned the company several performance opportunities at the SPARKcon Festival, the North Carolina Dance Festival, and the North Carolina Dance Alliance.

Terranova Dance Theater takes great pride in their philanthropic outreach. Several times a year, the company offers free dance classes and performances to the greater Greensboro community. When there is a ticket price to a Terranova Dance Theater show, the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Foundation. The company has also performed in various nursing homes throughout Greensboro.