The Kearns Dance Project

Photo by: Chris Walt


The Kearns Dance Project is an up and coming modern dance company that is based out of the Burlington, NC area. It was co-founded by Lauren and Robert Kearns in 2012. The company has earned a respectable reputation throughout the community, as it stands a non-profit organization. 

The Kearns Dance Project has a three layered mission. First, they set out to enrich, educate, and entertain audiences with innovative and dynamic choreography. Second, the company provides opportunities for several artists to develop various talents in all aspects of dance production. Finally, The Kearns Dance Project offers outreach programs to the greater community. These services include performances, festival and trade shows, community based residencies, public or private commissions, and panel service. Master classes are also an integral part of the company’s outreach programs. These workshops vary from “Choreography and Improvisation” to “Training for Teachers” to “Somatics in Action Modern Technique.” The Kearns Dance Project also offers presentations covering a broad spectrum of topics. In the past, the company has lectured on “We Dance: an autobiographical dance-making and writing tool to invoke personal identity,” “I live Here: a multimedia performance and educational project,” and “Somatics in Action: improving dance training at the university level.”

The idea of dance performance and choreography training at a university level has just started to gain momentum. Lauren Kearns has incorporated dance curriculum development into her company’s mission. Together, The Kearns Dance Project has already designed, developed, and implemented very reputable dance programs at two respected universities: Elon University, North Carolina and Rio Hondo College, California.