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The Mill at Gibsonville in an antique shop dedicated to the reselling of quality “Home Furnishings, Intriguing Accessories, Creatively Designed Pieces and Antiques.”

Located at 136 Eugene Street in Gibsonville, North Carolina, the shop is housed in what was formerly the Liberty Hosiery Mills building on Eugene Street in Gibsonville. The building, constructed in 1890, was home to the old Gem Cotton Mill. The shop has made a conscious effort to preserve many of its original features, which can still be found in the store today. 

Customers can come to The Mill to find one of a kind pieces with history and character unlike any other retailer. Not only is the depth of the product unique, but so is the variety of items available everything from home furnishings to jewelry and accessories can be found at The Mill.

“The Mill at Gibsonville specializes in Home Interiors, Upcycled and Repurposed Pieces, Industrial Chic Creations, Antiques and Accessories.”

            Customers can browse through what the store has to offer at their website, For an in store experience, the shop is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00am-5:00pm.

The store also hosts events such as furniture painting and other interesting instructionals. Postings for these events can be found on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

On November 10th, there will be an Intro to Foils and Leafing Class.

            Contact information includes, their phone number (336)447-1000, email
 [email protected], twitter @MillGibsonville and facebook