2463 West Webb Avenue,

Burlington, NC, 27517


Closed on Mondays

Tuesday-Wednesday 6am-9pm

Thursday-Saturday 6am-10pm

Sunday 7am-2pm

Price Range


336-584-1444 (take-out available)
[email protected]
Payment Method
Mastercard/Visa/Discover/and the Elon Pheonix Card

              The University Grill established in 2007 by siblings and co-owners Eleni, Manny, and George Fotiou who were looking to help provide for their father who was experiencing health problems. Despite their good intentions, the restaurant was not doing so well, and Eleni even reported not receiving a paycheck. With the help of the TV show Restaurant Impossible, $10,000 worth of renovations took place at the restaurants, along with menu changes boasting the freshness of the food, and a simpler, cohesive menu. Since appearing on Restaurant Impossible, sales have reportedly increased by 15%, and Eleni has been enjoying fewer hours, yet an increased salary.

             Elon University students have even been involved in the businesses transformation by painting a jazz scene on the buildings brick wall, and helping to create the restaurants dynamic website. While it never hurts to have your restaurant featured on a TV show, the food at the University Grill could easily stand on its own merit due to its freshness and southern homemade qualities. The prices of the food are also a huge drawing factor for the restaurant. Breakfast can be ordered for as little as $4.05 and multiple dinner options are available for only $6.25. When the owners expressed that they hoped to lure in more college students along with locals, they must have had the prices in mind, because even a broke college student could afford to eat there.