The Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County is a nonprofit organization that helps women improve both their personal and professional lives. Established in 1991, the WRC offers women of Alamance County and other surrounding areas both resources and information to become more independent. During times of transition such as family breakups, financial downturns, health issues, and job loss, the WRC is available to individuals for support and encouragement. Through education, support services, networking, and community resources, WRC encourages women to take part in their offered programs to learn to become more self-sufficient.

New Choices, a major program provided by the WRC, is specifically designed to give assistance to individuals and offer strategies for success. During times of transition for displaced homemakers and underemployed and unemployed adults, encouragement and support are provided through individual counseling, application assistance and community resource and referral services. The New Choices program offers further assistance by providing personal planning and specific goal setting. The services of the WRC is free of charge, however, the information included on an individual’s application determines what type of assistance the organization will be able to provide.

Address: 411 West 5th Street, Suite B, Burlington, NC 27215

Phone: (336) 227-6900

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm