Limelight Records sticker

Limelight Records is the on campus, student run recording studio. Their main goal of the organization is bringing quality, local, undiscovered music to the greater student population at Elon. The tasks of the members vary just like a professional recording studio. Members facilitate artist management, event planning, producing, media, and artist promotion. Auditions to be a recorded musician for Limelight were held on Saturday, the 5 of October. Some artists that Limelight has produced include Tmare, Kidcas, Lizzy Bassen, and Dylan Rockwell. Parker Ulry is the current president of Limelight Records and a hard working staff member. He is a music technology business management double major with an emphasize on marketing. Artists are not the only ones who benefit from access to the studio. Through the hands on learning that Limelight offers and a killer music faculty, several Elon students have gone on to receive valuable internships.     


Edited by Thomas Fazio