McCauley Family Learning Center for Lifelong Learning, Inc. is located in Burlington, North Carolina at 441 South Spring Street. It was founded in 1997 with the purpose of educating the community. The director, Jean McCauley, explained how she understands that children are not the only ones who want to learn; there are parents and grandparents who have forgotten simple skills or who want to learn new skills for employment. There have been several situations where parents come in and say, “I do not know how to help my child learn to read and I’ve forgotten how to do the math” so McCauley wanted to address and aid family learning. There is no reason for anyone to be embarrassed about his or her lack of knowledge; everyone deserves to learn and to have the opportunity to learn.


There are many learning centers that are franchised, or aided by the government, such as Omega Learning, Sylvan, and Huntington Learning Center. These centers have high costs and are therefore not as available or possible for all families to attend. There are several benefits to attending a non-franchised organization compared to a government run company. The teachers are more relatable and there is more interaction between students and teachers. MFLC is an alternative to these centers; it is a non-profit organization and that truly just wants to help. They receive donations from individuals and businesses that allow MFLC to be able to give scholarships to a few of their students.

“I can read Phonics Fun” is one of their most successful programs. It teaches sound and letter recognition, improves spelling and grammar and helps children with their homework. Over the summer, they have a camp that keeps children interested and involved in academics. They believe everyone should and can learn and this is a warm, friendly, and helpful environment with the right intentions. Everyone is welcome.

There are computer classes, business classes, and prep courses offered. The prep courses prepare students for grade level tests as well as the GED. These tests prepare them for future tests as well as job applications and careers. With the proper education, it is easier to get a job and in the long run, help future generations earn an equally efficient, if not better, education and experience.

Reviews rave about the quality of the organization and the success rate of this learning center. Even with a struggling economy and other hard challenges, the learning center provides an escape and a chance to start over and come out stronger.

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Jean McCauley


441 South Spring Street Burlington, NC