Acorn Coffee Shop

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        Acorn is one of the many great dining options offered at Elon University.  It serves as the go-to campus coffee shop located on Williamson Avenue next to the Elon University bookstore. Acorn serves Starbucks Coffee beverages in addition to breakfast options which include a variety of muffins, bagels, and other pastries.  But even more popular than its breakfast options, are Acorn's deli sandwiches.  Come noon, the line will be wrapped around the entire counter while students custom make their favorite sandwich.  Want a snack with that?  Grab some fresh fruit, a bag of one of the many varieties of chips offered, or a cup of the soup of the day! Acorn offers both vegetarian and gluten free options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, for their customers with dietary restrictions. There are so many different ways you can pay for Acorn, like Phoenix Cash; it is also a great choice for students at Elon with either a +7 or block meal plan, due to the seven different choices one can get in exchange for a swipe, which include:

Option #1- Fresh muffin or bagel with fruit or yogurt

Option #2- Fresh fruit cup with yogurt

Option #3- Any Deli Sandwich

Option #4- Cup of soup and a side salad

Option #5- Entree Salad

Option #6- Yogurt Parfait

 Option #7- Chili and sweet corn muffin

      The sandwich station at Acorn is your haven for creativity.  You can replicate your favorite every day, or mix it up with the endless options that Acorn has to offer.  There are pre-made sandwiches to choose from on the menu, but the fun of the "sandwiches made to order" station is that you can create anything you could possibly want!  From choosing between hot and cold, eat in or to go, and less or more of your favorite spread, the choice is yours!  To order a sandwich, you fill out a slip on the notepads and hand it over the counter.  The choices for building your own sandwich are:

Breads: white, wheat, marble rye, honey wheat roll, white roll, flat bread, gluten free bread

Spreads: mayonnaise, low fat mayo, mustard, honey mustard, dijon mustard, oil & vinegar, pesto, hummus, balsamic dressing (amount of dressing: less, regular, more)

Cheeses: american, swiss, cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, pepper jack, vegan cheese (extra cheese: $0.59)

Meats (up to 3): roast beef, pastrami, smoked turkey, salami, ham, chicken salad, tuna salad, bacon, pepperoni

Vegetarian: roasted eggplant, tofurky

Toppings: lettuce, tomato, red onion, sprouts, banana peppers, cucumbers, basil/oregano, salt/pepper, black olives

Kosher Pickle: yes/no

Sides: chips, fresh fruit, yogurt, apple sauce

     Along with the build to order sandwiches, you can fill out a speciality coffee order!  The options include:

Drinks: cafe latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, milky way, caramel macchiato, white chocolate mocha, mocha valencia, cafe americano, chai tea, seasonal drink

Size: tall, grande, venti

Milk: 2% reduced fat, skim, soy

Extras: espresso shot, flavor shot (irish cream, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, toffee nut, raspberry

Whipped cream: yes/no

       If it is too hot out for a hot coffee, or coffee just really isn't your thing, Acorn serves up some of the best fruit smoothies out there. All made from the fresh fruits blended with organic fruit juices and ice. Ranging from fresh fruit bases smoothies to the traditional yogurt base, Acorn has a blend of different smoothies for everyone:

Fruit Juice:

#1 Banana Berry Splash#2 Strawberry Zinger, #3 Peach Nektar, #4 Maui Mango, and #5 Peachy Pineapple.


#6 Berry Rumba#7 Strawberry Chiller, and #8 Peach Sunrise.


#9 Orange Rumba, #10 Berry Orange, #11 Mango Chiller, and #12 Orange Sunrise.

       Not only are the food and beverages enjoyable, so is the cozy atmosphere.  Acorn consists of two rooms filled with comfortable chairs and couches, and it is softly lit by hanging ceiling lamps. Pieces of art scatter the walls, completing the urban chic look.  Many students come here to study, hold meetings, or just catch up with friends.   Acorn also has two desktop computers with internet access accessible during all hours, convenient for work or study.  

*Acorn is open 7a.m.- 1a.m. on Monday-Friday and 9a.m.-1a.m. on Saturday-Sunday. It is located at 116 North Williamson Avenue, Elon, NC 27244.​