Greek Houses in Elon

Elon is home to 24 chapters of fraternities and sororities. 19 of these chapters have houses in the Loy Center Neighborhood. Each Greek house has its own common room for chapter-related activities, study groups, and other activities. These common rooms are located on the first floor and the bedrooms are located on the second floor. Mostly sophomores live in the houses with a few exceptions.

Every year greek row has "trick-or-treat on Greek street", "light up Loy" for Christmas, and the Greek Week kick-off picnic.

In 2011, five new houses were added to the Loy Center and were made LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified including water efficiency, energy efficient, being conservative with materials and resources and indoor environmental quality.

Elon's Greek Chapters (mainly the fraternities) also have off campus houses for upperclassmen.

Listed below are the Chapters and their Greek house name off campus:

Kappa Alpha:

Delta Upsilon:

  • Bass Station

Sigma Epsilon:

Sigma Pi:


Kappa Sigma: