Artisanal distillery, in Hangar 1 area, with a very steam punk look. It offers various types of gins, liqueurs, whiskey, vodka, rum and was the first distillery to legally make absinthe in the United States. The labels have an American currency style. Tastes have local flavor, with its "Mt. Tam" gin infused with douglas fir, coastal sage and other local flora, and the rum made with California sugar cane.

Tours are $20 per person; Tastings are $15.


2601 Monarch Street 
Alameda, CA 94501

Hours: Wednesday–Saturday 12–7pm 
Sunday 12–5pm

St. George Barrels CC-BY @diwu118View from distillery CC-BY @diwu118The distillery CC-BY @diwu118entrance by @ertiepie [instagram]