The Alleghany Foundation is a 501©3 grant-making organization located in Covington, VA that funds projects and organizations working to better utilize the region’s resources and enhance economic opportunities in the Alleghany Highlands of southwestern Virginia. 

General About the Organization/Mission

The Foundation makes grants to organizations within five main focus areas:

·      Economic Transformation

·      Educational Attainment

·      Health and Wellness

·      Leadership and Civic Vitality

·      Community Capacity 

In its last round of annual giving concluding May 2015, the Alleghany Foundation awarded over $1.5 million in grants to organizations in the community.  The largest single gift, $345,000, went to the Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Cooperation for the creation and implementation of a strategic plan for economic and community development.  An additional $200,000 was awarded to the City of Covington for the construction of an Alleghany Highlands Firefighting Museum, and

$240,000 was given to the Alleghany Highlands YMCA for its Early Learning Program. Other gifts will go towards projects such as enhancing and refurbishing existing tourist sites in the area and funding a astronomers’ conference to explore Alleghany’s potential to be an astro-tourism destination.

As of December 2013, the Foundation has over $60 million in assets.


Basic Info

Type of Organization



Primary Contact

 Melenie Rile

[email protected]

(540) 962-0970

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Issues of Focus

·      Philanthropy

·      Economic Transformation

·      Educational Attainment

·      Health and Wellness

·      Leadership and Civic Vitality

·      Community Capacity


History of Organization

Founded in 1935 by the sale of the Alleghany Regional Hospital, the Alleghany Foundation has since made $47 million in grants organizations working to improve the quality of life in the Alleghany Highlands of southwestern Virginia.

In August of 2015, Dr. Michele Ballou succeeded Jack A. Hammond as the Foundation’s Board president


Programs and Projects 

A complete list of grants furnished by the Foundation since its inception an be accessed at:

Partners and Frequent Collaborators

·       Alleghany County

·       Alleghany County Chamber of Commerce

·       Alleghany County Public Schools

·       Alleghany County Arts Council

·       The Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Corporation

·       Alleghany Highlands Free Clinic

·       Alleghany Highlands YMCA

·       The City of Covington

·       Jackson River Enterprises

·       Town of Clifton Forge