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Welcome to the Ames localwiki page! This is a page by the people of Ames, for the people of Ames. It is intended to be a place where every Amesite (someone who lives in ames) can come to discuss, explore and compile the information about Ames that matters to them. Everyone is encouraged to provide their local wisdom to help others enjoy the little things that they love about Ames.

The Ames wiki is rather new, and for this reason there are not many pages yet! Please help make this a wonderful guide for all by volunteering your time to make a page. You can make a page for anything in Ames that you know about, be it your favorite shop on Main Street, your favorite park to read a book in, or a famous (or not so famous) band that came out of Ames. Making a page is guaranteed to be more fun and memorable than re-watching shows on Netflix, so grab a friend and a camera and make a great page! 

We have the opportunity to be the first active localWiki in Iowa! Lets show them what Ames is made out of!

This is the wiki written by Amesites, for Amesites. You are encouraged to make edits wherever you believe that you are making an improvement.

If you are new to the page, please visit the Introduction. If you want to start editing, visit the help page. It is easy and fun!

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Stable Run Disc Golf Course