While everyone is encouraged to contribute to Anacortes.wiki, it's also important to have a cohesive style. We've created this guide with some basic rules that all entries should follow.

Consistent Formatting

  • Avoid using underlining for any purpose, as it appears to be a hyperlink.
  • Use headings 1-3 (available just to the right of the B/I/U buttons on the editing toolbar) to break up your article into logical sections.
  • Align your paragraphs to the left in almost all cases. You may center captions if necessary, but do not center large blocks of text.
  • Use bullets for lists, unless the numbering or sequence of the items in the list is important.

Use an Encyclopedic Style

It's OK to write casually, but try to describe a subject in an organized and unbiased fashion. 

Facts, not Fiction

Take care to ensure what you write is accurate. Provide verification through links whenever possible.

Use Proper Grammar

  • Spell words correctly! If your browser doesn't check spelling, upgrade it! Contributors whose work requires consistent spelling fixes may be banned.
  • Avoid passive construction; use active verbs that identify the actor.
  • Write dates in the form January 1, 1980, not January 1st.

Links are Encouraged

For proper search engine optimization, you should link from the text that describes the page being linked. For example, in a sentence that says "The fire engine arrived at the church at 8:30 am," the words "fire engine" should be what you'd link to an article about the fire engine. You would link the word church if you were linking to the church's website. 

If you mention something in your article that seems like it should have its own page, go ahead and link that text to itself. The text will appear with a dotted underline when you save the page, and users that click that link will be encouraged to create a page about it.

Provide Images

Images help make our articles interesting! Note that everything on the local wiki sites is Creative Commons CC-BY licensed, so upload your own image content or that which is verifiably CC licensed.

No Commercial Use

We're only interested in articles about an Anacortes business if it has historical or cultural significance, like Marine Supply and Hardware or The Business. Avoid links to business websites. Our sister site, Anacortes.info, maintains a directory of Anacortes shops and restaurants.